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MiniPips and Rich


A father and son team taking on adventures. Minipips is Tom, a boy who loves cycling. He takes his dad Rich, he too enjoys riding bikes and other outdoors stuff, with him on loads of adventures. Together they have ticked off a few editions of Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race. Cycled 2000 miles across France and back over the summer holidays. Raced the Dirty Reiver 200 and, well just cycling loads. Tom was also featured in one of our Mountain Journal Shorts filmed by Dom Bush, which is picking up a multitude of awards. It’s probably the best introduction as to his enthusiasm for cycling. Together they launched the journey of our first Sonder Cahoot tandem.

16 01 2020 - Daring Deeds

No Sleep Till Sunday
Throwback to Strathpuffer 2018

23 09 2019 - Daring Deeds

The Tour Divide story - Part 1
Rich and Tom take on the Tour Divide

05 08 2019 - Daring Deeds

Rich and Tom Siepp Pre-Tour Divide ride
Rich and Tom's kit list and pre-amble for their Tour Divide route ride

03 04 2019 - Daring Deeds

A Hill In Holland
Everesting.. In the Netherlands of all places

26 03 2019 - Daring Deeds

Rich Seipp talks Everesting

15 02 2019 - News

Alpkit Keswick Official Opening
Yippee! It's officially official... We're open!

26 01 2019 - Daring Deeds

Huffing and Puffing: Strathpuffer Part 2
Pete let's us in on his Strathpuffer experience

25 01 2019 - Daring Deeds

Huffing and Puffing: Strathpuffer Part 1
Neil Cottam tells his tale from Strathpuffer 2019

02 01 2019 - Daring Deeds

Après-adventure training interview
Bikepacking training review with some of the Alpkit team

14 06 2018 - Daring Deeds

Father and Son ride
A first step into cycling

23 11 2016 - News

Tom Seipp film wins
Kendal Mountain Film Festival winner

26 07 2016 - News

A Summer French Divide
cycling across France

26 01 2016 - Daring Deeds

Strathpuffer 2016
Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race

05 06 2015 - Daring Deeds

Pips on the Highland Trail
10 year old Tom and his dad backpacking on the Highland Trail

27 05 2015 - News

Rich and Tom - Highland Trail 550
Rich and Tom have set off on the trail and are half way

11 02 2015 - News

Q & A with Rich and Tom (Mini-Pips)
A quick Q & A with Rich and Tom (Minipips)

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