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The Gourdon Waterproof Backpack. Think of it as a dry bag with rucksack straps and removable closed cell back panel for added stiffness. Coming in 3 sizes: 20, 25 and 30 litre and all take a water bladder just fine. And introducing our new DryDock - a weatherproof bag with rucksack straps for long hauling luggage around the world.
El Burro
45 litre roll-top style duffle rucksack with sewn in daisy chain spawned from the legacy of our El Packer big wall stash bag
Black Gourdon 20
Versatile 20 litre roll top drybag with elasticated straps and two mesh pockets for added capacity, Gourdon can be used for anything from adventure races to the daily commute
Gourdon 25
25 l dry bag rucksack
Chilli Gourdon 30
30 litre roll top drybag with mesh pockets for extra carrying capacity. Gourdon is a functional rucksack you can take on any wet adventure
Drydock duffle 50 litre DryDock 50
Tenacious weatherproof 50 l duffle bag with rucksack straps for lugging your stuff around the world
Large drydock duffle DryDock 100
Large weatherproof duffle bag with rucksack straps for lugging your world around the world
Drydock Wet or Dry Duffle Bag Bundle
£115.00 £126.00 if purchased separately
El Packer Medium
Hardcore 28 litre stash bag with daisy chain loops to help organise your kit on a big wall
El Packer Small
Hardcore 9 litre stash bag with daisy chain loops to help organise your kit on a big wall

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Used for very muddy off road commuting, all year, plus a few canoe trips and the odd walk - a bit dirty but still working!

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