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Tuesday Yoga for Adventure Sports

Yoga for Adventure Sports

Location: Alpkit Hathersage, The Square, Main Road, S33 1BB Hathersage

Injury prevention, balance, stability, and strengthening yoga drop-in aimed at cyclists, climbers, and runners.

Friday Massage Therapy for Adventure Sports

Edge Sports Massage comes to Alpkit Hathersage

Location: Alpkit Hathersage

We’ve teamed up with Edge Sports Massage to bring you a soft tissue therapy service aimed particularly at the needs of the outdoors athlete.

Saturday Peak District Social Run

Hathersage Running Club

Location: Alpkit, Main Road, Hathersage, S32 1BB

Kickstart your weekends with a social 5-10km run with Alpkit Hathersage Running Club.

Ambleside Sunday Social Runs

Fell running in Ambleside

Location: Ambleside

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