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Rando Series Bike Packing Bag Bundle

Rando Range Bundle Bikepacking
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Items included in this bundle
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  • Analoko - Analoko Small Frame Bag
  • Fiana  - Fiana Seat Pack
  • Touko - Touko Top Tube Bag
  • Tivaro 13l  - Tivaro 13l Handlebar Bag
    Tivaro 13l
  • Lodo - Lodo

Rando Series Bike Packing Bag Bundle

Rando range bundle: waterproof and water resistant bikepacking bags for endurance racing, commuting and bikepacking weekenders. Keep your stuff dry in UK conditions (rain)

Bundle Price: £157.00
saving £62.00 compared with purchasing individually

The best bit about bundles is that we do all the hard work for you! (Plus it’s cheaper…) All you need to do is pedal!

The Rando range is made to provide light, tough, and (most importantly) highly water resistant storage for bikepacking adventures in UK conditions (rain).

Waterproof TPU-coated nylon with a stitchless construction creates bags will keep your stuff protected from the very worst of the weather. Versatile Hypalon attachment points give the Rando range a universality that makes them compatible with most open frames.

Analoko: 2.5 litre frame bag with waterproof construction for keeping your heavier kit secure and dry.

Fiana: High capacity 12 litre seat bag with waterproof construction and roll top closure creating a dry bag seat pack for bikepacking

Touko: Easy-to-access top tube mounted accessory bag with waterproof construction; for keeping your stuff dry yet accessible.

Lodo: Easy-to-access stem mounted accessory bag with waterproof construction; for keeping your stuff dry yet accessible.

Tivaro 13l: Spacious 13 litre handlebar bag with waterproof construction for keeping your lightweight and bulky gear dry and secure

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Update to my previous review

I left a watch this space review a few weeks back - can you add a line that says:

I've road and off road tested this kit now. I've added a review for each of the individual items separately so head over to each product if you're interested.

Александр Усманов
RANDO bikepacking

I received this wonderful set of bags by mail. Delivery to Russia is 15 days, pretty not bad. Bags are very high quality, the fabric is sturdy and inspires confidence. I recommend this product, very cool "

Perfect fit

Sturdy material, looks great, easy to attach and the usual high quality we all expect from Alpkit.

Not road tested yet; watch this space for updates!

Maurice Tasker
Good bags, but some suggestions

I used this set, as did my brother, on the 30day-ish Tour Aotearoa in NZ. In general the bags are good quality and I would advise buying them as a set given the saving and performance.

As a note, the bike I used the bags on was a Genesis Croix de Fer with 40cm Road Handle Bars.

Cockpit Bag: This is a really good. It will eventually let water in when it's really wet given it has a flat top and isn't shielded by anything but, it'll take a full day of rain before then. It's position on the centre bar means it doesn't interfere with steering.

Frame Bag:
This is perfect for tent poles, wind breakers, basically anything that isn't too fat. You can get quite a lot in it but should be careful about how much you pack it or it'll catch on your legs.
They're as waterproof as the description says and very durable.
Any critical feedback comes from nuances in design vs quality.

Saddle Bag:
This is a good bag too. It's secure and you can get a lot in it.
If you're packing it full you have to pack it tightly at the narrowest point otherwise sometimes it will fold.
On my Genesis and another road bike, the second seat post strap is too short to go around so un unusable. This leaves a bit of velcro that catches on your bib which isn't ideal. Lengthening that strap would solve the problem. I consistently got a two man Vango Tempest tent in this bag with room to spare.

Front Bag:
This bag isn't perfect for two reasons:
1) There's no ability to compress it which means it can easily interfere with breaks on road bars. This can be overcome by packing it appropriately but a compression strap would make a lot of sense.

2) The straps are hard to adjust and because they go the whole way around the bag they can be awkward to fit. I'd suggest something more like the Apidura front bags where the straps are only on the back of the pack vs stretching all the way around.

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