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Top Tarp Tips Part 2 - The Reflect Wedge

reflex wedge tarp config

This is a quick and easy setup requiring little equipment, just a tarp, 2 lengths of cordage and a few pegs. This set up doesn’t require any natural features etc and the area required is relatively small. It provides shelter from the wind in 2 directions and a stove or fire can be lit outside the tarp. (Tarp in this example is a Rig 3.5)

We would recommend using a bivvy bag with this setup as the footbox of your sleeping bag will push against the tarp.

Step 1. Peg down the long edge of your tarp.

Step 2. Remove your front wheel.

Step 3. Create a ridge line from corner to corner. Tie a length of cordage to the corner you wish to lift, secure it to the seat post / saddle of your bike and peg out. Your bike should be at approx 90º to this ridge line. The illustration below shows the setup from above.

Step 4. Peg down the last corner making the tarp taught(ish)

Step 5. Attach a long loop of cordage to 2 lifter points, wrap this around your wheel, pull tight and peg out.

(Note : this set up can be replicated with 2 walking poles in place of a bike)

Download these tips as a PDF

Updated: Jul 04, 2014

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