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Veloforte Bar energy bars

Veloforte Bar


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Natural, nutritious and delicious energy bars; easy-to-digest “real food” with no nasties for boosting energy, performance and recovery during endurance activities


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Legend has it that Panforte was carried by the Legions to keep them fuelled on the Crusades.

Veloforte bars take inspiration from this Tuscan speciality. The recipe is a fiercely guarded secret, but the result is tasty, natural, nutritious and digestible “real food” bars that keep you going all day during endurance-based activities and help with recovery too. Think long rides, ultra events, and days out on the hill, 2 hours stints on an exposed, windy belay...

Veloforte bars are available in the following flavours. They're all naturally gluten, dairy, egg, additive, and preservative free:

  • Classico: citrus, fruit, nuts, and spices – designed to keep you going all day.

  • Ciocco: chewy dates, crunchy almond, and enriching cocoa – brilliant for performance and recovery

  • Di Bosco: Red berries, almonds, pistachio, and rosemary – superb and powerful endurance nutrition

  • Avanti: Mmmm – juicy dates, crunchy pecans, almonds and sea salt in a satisfyingly salted bar for staying fuelled and replenished.

  • Pronto: figs, crunchy almonds & pistachios, zingy ginger, lemon, Guarana and Matcha tea, for alertness, concentration, and caffeine goodness (the kind that keeps us going at AKHQ).

  • Forza: apricots, orange juice, agave nectar, cane sugar and honey: carbohydrates that you can get at rapidly to help you to restore those achy muscles.

For ingredients and nutritional information, click More Info below.

Key features
  • Real food for keeping you fuelled on big, active days
  • Boost energy, performance and recovery for endurance activities
  • Natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives
  • Gluten, dairy and egg free
Vital stats

Origin: United Kingdom

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