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Stormsure Tuff Tape self-adhesive repair tape

Stormsure Tuff Tape is clear sticky tape to fix a large array of outdoor products sold in 5m x 7.5 cm sections

5 metre's of tuff tape
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  • 5 metre roll - 5 metre's of tuff tape
    5 metre roll

"Oh no a hole!!" - We've been there and we have found the solution. Stormsure make clear adhesive strips of super sticky 'Tuff Tape'. Pop some in your rucksack just in case and have a repair done in no time. 

Tuff Tape is a self adhesive clear TPU sticky tape. It has a clear finish and is nearly invisible when applied to most surfaces. It can be used to make repairs on ripped tent fabric and windows, inflatable mats, cracked plastic water bottles, rips in down jackets and more.

Tuff Tape is 0.2mm thick, stretchy and conformable. It will stick to virtually any material (but not silicone). It is easy to cut to shape as it comes with backing paper which is only peeled off as you stick it in position.

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Origin: China

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Many Uses

Has been used to provide wear protection to wall paper in my kitchen where my washing machine door constantly bangs the wall and recently re -taping the seams on my well used Gourdon back pack
Most definitely saved me on the recent Tuscany Trail 2017 bike packing trip where I dropped my camelback reservoir onto a gravel road and punctured the bag in several places. Only realised after the sensation of cold water running down my arse cheeks went from cooling and pleasant to annoying! A little drying and application of this tape (to the bladder) and my liquid was saved.

Stormsure Tuff tape - a good buy

So far, I've used this for bike frame protection and to repair a hole in a dry bag.

After repairing the dry bag, during a ride, the front wheel rubbed on the bag for a couple of miles. The tape held up well, showing no visible signs of wear.

One word of caution though, The box that the tape comes in states that it can be used to repair tyre punctures. I tried this out and it does not work for this application. Either the tape comes unstuck once the inner tube is inflated, or, if you wrap it around the inner tube, it significantly restricts the expansion of the tube in the area of the tape.

Overall, I am pleased with this product. Easy to use, very good value when compared with similar products (e.g. 3M helicopter tape, £39 for 1.2 metres!!), and it (mostly) does what it says on the box.

Stormsure Tuff Tape

After helpful advice from Fran, I purchased this to mend a torn jacket and was very pleased with the result. A tip - cut rounded corners to reduce risk of peeling off.