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Carbon Marathon Ultra Single Compact trekking pole

Marathon Ultra Compact trekking pole for running and hiking weighing just 205 g


  • - Marathon Ultra Compact trekking pole for running and hiking weighing just 205 g

Our premium 3 section full carbon pole for ultra running and alpine trekking. Packs down to 37 cm and weighs just 205 g per pole for easy carrying and high support to weight ratio

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The Glen Coe Skyline, or… oh go on then let's head to the Alps, or to warmer climes to tackle the Transvulcania.  When you start to dream big, the sky’s the limit for where the Marathon Ultra can take you… 

Marathon Ultra combines the conveniently small packed size of the Compact Ultra with light and strong carbon fibre construction. The result weighs 205 grams, folds down to 37 cm, and is the perfect pole for fell running or fast and light hiking when weight, adaptability, and a small packed size are top priority. 

Marathon Ultra’s 3 section foldable construction makes it not only super packable (at a stubby 37 cm) but extremely adjustable – ideal for when the terrain demands adaptability. Assembly requires no more than pulling out the top section and letting the tension wires do the rest, a snap lock widget below the handle lets you adjust easily when contouring. 

The EVA handle is grippy and comfy, absorbing shock and vibrations to prevent injury and discomfort on longer runs. An extended non-slip grip below the handle lets you lower your grip to quickly adapt to the terrain or gradient when it doesn’t quite call for you to adjust your poles. 

Marathon Ultra features a grippy and durable tungsten tip to help you get purchase on rocky ground, we also send you a rubber tip cover and trekking basket so that you can change your setup according to the terrain.  

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Compact and light carbon fibre trekking pole for moving fast, lighter, and further
  • Folds down into 3 sections for a compact pack size
  • Carbon fibre construction for excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Quick and simple assembly with tensioning wires
  • Easy to adjust using Snaplock widget
  • Extended handle for adaptability on demanding terrains
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight: 205 g
Extension range: 110 – 130 cm


Pole: Carbon fibre
Tip: Tungsten
Grip: EVA foam

Origin: China

Product Care Information

After use (especially on muddy or wet terrain), take your poles apart and wipe down each section. Allow to dry completely before reassembly.

Apply WD40 to the brass locking pin after use to prevent seizing or corrosion.

Download the PDF trekking pole instruction sheet.

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So light and fold up super snall

I treated myself for my birthday as I was going on a trip to the Scillies. when it arrived I was a little worried as it was so light, I wondered if it would be up to the job (I rely on a pole a lot as I'm coming down hills as my balance is not always the best. I put it through quite a few tests on different terrains and I did not need to worry. fully recommend and my other walking companions were very jealous.

So light and compact!

Got this a few months ago for a trip to the Alps and loved how light it is, slides into the pack easily and seemed sturdy too. However coming downhill over a peat bog I bent the lower section which now no longer folds inside its neighbour. And then snapped it trying to delicately bend it straight! :( Are you able to send me a replacement part for the lowest piece of this if at all possible please?

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