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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Manta head torch

Alpkit Manta head torch - USB rechargeable, 300 lumens


  • - Alpkit Manta head torch - USB rechargeable, 300 lumens

USB rechargeable 300 lumen head torch with 11 hour burn time on max power and rear safety light, ideal for mountain marathons, endurance races, and all night adventuring

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Mountain Marathons, evening orienteering, slightly misguided 24 climbing challenges… Some adventures don’t end when night falls, in fact it’s at nightfall that they really get going!

Manta has an 11 hour burn time on full power mode (300 lumens), which increases to 90 hours on its lowest setting (30 lumens). This makes it ideal for anything from pushing on into the darkness on a Mountain Marathons, to adventures in remote places where opportunities to charge your light are few and far between. Manta charges with a micro USB, so when it comes to recharging you can simply plug it into your solar panel/car/battery pack/laptop/plug socket. 

With a battery pack on the rear and a central overhead strap, you can get a really balanced and comfortable fit with the Manta that makes it excellent for dynamic activities like running. The light itself has a focus adjuster for changing between the spot beam (for trail-finding) and flood beam (for studying your map) and the light unit tilts so you can point it down for reading or set it looking forward at the trail ahead. The rear safety light helps you to stay visible to others on the trail.   

Single button operation makes it really easy to change through the Manta’s settings, with high, medium, low and flashing modes on the front main light, and standard and flashing modes on the rear safety light.  

Manta has a water resistance rating of IP64, it can sustain showers but not submersion.  

Key features
  • 300 lumen head torch with long battery life for overnight races and remote adventures
  • Battery life up to 90 hours (on low power mode)
  • Battery pack at rear for a balanced, secure fit – ideal for dynamic movement
  • Focus adjustor for changing between flood beam and spot beam
  • Rechargeable with micro USB
  • Single button operation to shift through the modes for minimum faff
  • Rainproof body
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight: 210 g
Size: Headlight: 79 x 44 x 36 mm; Battery case: 102 x 38 x 35 mm


Light: 300 lumens
Bulb: XP-G2 Cree White LED
Energy: 1 x 3.7 V 2600 mAh 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery (500 battery cycles)
Water resistance: IP64 - Protected from total dust ingress. Protected from water spray (rain) from any direction.


Mode Brightness Beam Distance Burn time
Main High 300 lm 140 m 11 h
Main Med 150 lm 100 m 26 h
Main Low 30 lm 44 m 90 h
2Hz Front Flash NA NA 14 h
Rear NA NA 40 h
Rear Flash NA NA 115 h

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Jan - North Yorkshire
Great bit of kit

Works really well for early morning runs in the dark. Charges quickly and is robust and reliable. Like the flashing red rear light.

Manta headtorch

A brilliant torch. A very good white light which didn't seem to reflect back in thick fog. Very long battery life - ran through the night and it was still going. Used the medium power as this was still very bright and gave me more hours of charge. Very comfortable to wear and lighter than one with normal rechargeable batteries.

Great torch and amazing value

Having used this for a few months on night orienteering races I can’t recommend it enough. Unlike other reviewers I’ve found it has plenty of adjustment. The high beam is plenty bright enough and the battery life is superb.

welsh runner
fell running use in total darkness

Had this a few days and did a 2:10 hour fell run last night in total darkness on a clear night on an unfamiliar hillside in SE Wales.
I have many head torches and this is excellent value, well made, charges quickly and I believe is a good compromise between price, weight, brightness, and battery life. I understand where the other reviewers are coming from- but on tech descents I found slackening off the overhead strap and letting the torch drop down more on my forehead was just about enough.
Beam pattern is what you'd expect from a bulls-eye lens- not great, but usable at full wide. At full wide its just about bright enough for fast descents at full power.
So- to improve for fell running? Have it tilt a little lower and swap out the bulls eye for a lens that creates a 'letterbox' shape (as on Petzl etc) so you don't loose useful light to the night above you. To conclude- for £29 (sale) its an absolute bargain and more than adequate for fell running. I wanted a light that not only would last over 2 hours at 300l but a lot longer if something went wrong....

Works for me!

I'm not a trail runner, so I can't comment on its use for that. I've mainly used it as just a general purpose headtorch for any day to day activity where one is needed. Loading / unloading my kayaking equipment at night, going kayaking at night (flat water only), working on projects in my garage. For me the battery life is more than enough, and the brightest setting rarely gets used as it's just overkill; but overkill is underrated.
I use a a different well known climbing brand headtorch at work and I've got through a lot of AAA batteries with it, and I hate using disposable batteries. With any luck I'll persuade the powers that be that we should buy a handful more Mantas as they are significantly better.

Bright and well made

Just wanted to leave a review as I don't entirely agree with what the previous reviewer said.
I use this for technical trail running at night. Whilst it definitely doesn't have enough adjustment, I just set the angle as low as possible and leave it there for the entire run and it never really feels inadequate. My only criticism is actually that even on flood the beam is quite concentrated, so I'm not convinced I'd be confident navigating unfamiliar trails. In my opinion, £35 is brilliant value if you can handle the few niggles.

Nearly brilliant

I'd agree with everything written in an earlier review. Slightly heavy but if you're the type to run all night, the tiny bit of extra weight is not too bad. The real let down in lack of downward tilt- I have to position the torch pretty much between my eyebrows. Also, there's no padding in the front part of torch- I pulled off the foam from my broken Gamma to stick on to this to protect my forehead.

Probably still the best option for overnight racing but I might buy something cheaper and lighter for shorter evening runs.

good light Rubbish battery

Light is good but the battery wont hold a charge for long


Hi Sal, I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with the battery life of the Manta. We would expect the Manta to have a very good burntime with up to 90 hours of light at the lowest setting. Variables like temperature can affect this marginally but if you are not reaching these expectations please let us know as we will be able to help out!
I will send you an email now.
Ashleigh - Alpkit Customer Support

Nearly very good

The specs on the headtorch are excellent. It's what I've been after; a bright rechargeable light for night time trail running. It fits on the head nicely and due to the excellent battery life, it is a little heavy but I can live with that.
There is however one major problem, the light just does not tilt downwards far enough. You end up running with your chin almost on your chest. On technical descents it's almost unusable. What where the designers thinking?

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

UKClimbing reviews the Gamma and Manta headtorch

UKClimbing review a wide range of headtorches, from budget torches up to £250 monster lights. The Alpkit Gamma and Manta being the former - tested over a long period of time in a range of settings.

[The Manta] Overall this is an amazingly good value headtorch that provides a level of performance close to several more expensive rivals.

Jack Geldard

[The Gamma is a] great value offering from Alpkit which is a good option for runners and cyclists.

Jack Geldard

UKClimbing.com December 2013 - Jack Geldard

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