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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Love Mud Juice dynamo hub


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Super smooth 6V/3W dynamo disc hub for running your lights and recharging your batteries on the move

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Dynamo hubs provide a source to give you light to see by and keep your electronic devices charged when you are far from civilisation. All you have to do is keep pedalling.

Juice is a highly efficient, low drag device with a 6V / 3W output. Tested down to -20ËšC it is ready for extremes and suitable for road, cross and mountain bikes.

We do not recommend charging your expensive electronic gadgetry directly from the hub dynamo. It provides an unregulated AC output that you will need to convert via a USB charger to provide a reliable DC current.

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Key features
  • Weight: 422 g
  • 100 mm QR axle
  • Power: 6V / 3W
  • Spoke holes: 32
Vital stats

Weight: 422 g
Axle: 100 mm QR
6 bolt disc mount
Includes connector
Output: 6V

Flange Diameter:
Left – 57.75mm
Right - 51.5mm

Flange to Centre:
Left - 23mm
Right – 23mm

Origin: Taiwan

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

3 Reviews


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Peter Urwin
The most impressive piece of bike kit I've ever purchased

This thing is quality through and through. I used it on a 3000km tour of europe and it worked faultlessly from start to finish. I am going to do a bigger tour of south america now and I am confident this hub will not let me down. I coupled it with a cinq plug 3 and the combination was a dream, keeping my phone charged every step of the way. I was often using my phone on full brightness, with gps constantly running, both of which are very power hungry options and I never came close to running out of battery. Many times I'd end a 10 hour day with full charge on my phone! I can't notice any resistance from the hub at all. It seems like a very similar hub to the popular SP PD-8 hub but this comes in at less than half the price. No contest. The alpkit team were also very helpful when it came to fitting the hub and provided the relevant measurements so I could get the correct sized spokes.

Use the juice

I had this fitted when I converted to a disc on the front of my bike.
The unit works well giving off enough current to charge my phone and lights.
Its such a compact hub its hardly bigger than the normal hub.
The only problem is that whenever you take off the wheel to put the bike in a car or to repair a puncture then the connector needs putting back on. This depends on two bare wires inserted into the connector such that they push against the bare metal tabs on the unit. This can be fiddly to do particularly after a puncture or in the dark. The wires although still in the connector are easily moved and if they touch then no light.

Craig L.
Good hub, but check brake clearance.

Amazing value for this dyno hub. Runs really smoothly when built up. Just beware your setup - I laced to 700c rim for use with TRP Spyre brakes and 160mm rotors (fork is On One Pickenflick) and the brake calliper fouls the spokes. Even with a 180mm rotor a few spokes are touching. Going to try 1mm rotor spacer now or I'll need to find a narrower calliper. It seems these TRP brakes have clearance issues with many similar dyno hubs so it's not really the fault of the Juice... but they are common on CX/touring/adventure bikes so be aware.

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