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Hadron 2000 lumen bike light


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2000 lumen rechargable bike light with rear light, remote switch and helmet mount


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Pumping out 2000 lumens Hadron is ideally suited to nocturnal adventures, and running at 30% you will have enough juice to get through the long winter nights.

It is amazing to think something so small can be so powerful, the front light is just 45 x 22 x 38 mm and weighs 60 grams. Both lights are easily mounted to your bike with the supplied rubber rings. They are secure and stable even on bumpy terrain. 

The battery cable has a twin connection allowing you to connect the front light and rear light independently. Each light has its own switch, the front toggles between 100%, 50%, 30% and flashing but there is also a wireless switch that can fully control both front and rear light. Just mount it next to your grips, it really makes Hadron ideal on technical terrain allowing you to switch from high power to low without taking your hands off the bars.

Strap the battery pack directly to your frame or slot it inside your Fuel Pod or Possum, they already have cable slots for just this purpose! You can also stash the battery in your hydration pack and mount Hadron on your helmet with the adapter provided.

The Hadron kit contains: 2000 lumen front lamp, red tail light, wireless remote switch, rubber attachment rings, charger, battery pack, nylon straps, connector cables. We also supply optional helmet mounts.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Unfortunatley due to issues sending Lithium batteries Hadron is only available in the UK.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • 2000 lumens max power
  • Remote switch for safe operation from the bars
  • 4 lighting modes: 100%, 50%, 30%, Flashing
  • 120 cm Extension cable available
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Front light

100%: 2000 lumens
50%: 400 lumens
30% 120 lumens
Weight: 60 g
Cable length: 50 cm
Aluminium alloy and plastic casing
LED lifespan: 50,000 hours

Rear light

50 lumens
Weight: 25 g
Cable length: 50 cm


Weight: battery pack: 230 g
Cable length: 16 cm
Min burn time: 3.2 hrs at 100%
Max burn time: 15.5 hrs at 30%
Beam angle: 20˚
Battery pack: 7.4V 5.2AH Li-ion with over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit protection
Charging time: 3.5 - 4 hrs
Battery life: 500 charge cycles
Only recharge using the supplied charger

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Chris Burns
First night out

Took my son out on his first night ride on the day he received the Hadron, simple to fix to your frame and simple remote switch that was easy to use while riding unlike the one I was using. Once on Holcombe Moor and the sun dropped the Hadron performed equally and easier than my £300 lamp at full beam on the off road down hill sections he had no issues seeing the track and loved the experience (in my mind the most important thing). I did have a bit of lamp envy.

Mal Grey
Excellent value

I've had the lights for a couple of weeks now, and would pretty much agree with the other reviews - they're good value for money, masses of light available.

The main light is compact and easily mounted. I don't know if the Lumens output is as high as stated, but on 100% mode it is plenty bright enough for off road mountain biking. 50% is OK for forest tracks and dark roads, and 30% is good for commuting as it won't blind other road users and pedestrians as badly.

The helmet mount is not brilliant, its a bit fiddly and you can't quickly install or remove it, and as its quite big, its not one I'd leave on my helmet when not in use. It works though, but I think these are a better bar mounted light anyway, and use a smaller Exposure Joystick on the helmet to complement it, a great combination system.

The rear lamp is VERY bright for a small LED light. The lack of a rubber wedge to allow correct positioning on the seat tube is a pain.

The main criticism is that the supplied leads don't really offer enough length to use as a helmet light unless the battery is close to the top of a rucksack you're wearing. With the battery mounted on the top tube, the leads are fine for mounting on the bars and seat tube.

The battery is compact and easily mounted with the supplied straps. I put it in one of the Alpkit Fuel Pod frame bags, which is great. Battery life seems OK, do remember that the fact the rear is bright means you will drain your battery much faster than the indicated time if using both lights. The instructions say there is a "low battery" light, but aren't clear as to where this is, and I haven't noticed it coming on, even though I used the lights with low battery and they ran out (suddenly).

The remote switch is a great feature, and makes it really easy to switch brightness, once you are use to the fact you have to "scroll" through the different settings each time.

So overall, a good piece of kit for the price.

Size, quality, ease of mounting, remote, brightness,

Cable length, lack of rubber wedge, fiddly helmet mount.

Good set of lights

This is an initial review based on only two night rides. Too early to give opinions on durability and other issues. The light is a small, very powerful unit that comes with an independent red light and a remote. Very nifty piece of kit. It is a rebranded article from Magicshine. As a result, Alpkit does not stock accessories, which is a little disappointing.

Mounting and hardware

The Helmet mount is very basic, but that is ok since the Hadron is so light. However, the straps themselves are velcros, and they catch the helmet padding like mad. That is hard to mount and damaging to the padding.
I recommend using other mounts if you have them. If you look at the magicshine site, they show pictures of the mount with the straps going around the helmet!
I have had good results strapping the light directly on the helmet. Most have a place where it is possible to do so, if you are creative. The light certainly does not need much.
Speaking of helmet mounting, however, I find that the cord supplied is too short to mount on my helmet and keep the battery in a jersey pocket... a pity, because the cord as it comes is too long for bar mounting (lots of extra cable to take care of) and not long enough for helmet mounting. You can order extension cords from Magicshine (not from Alpkit) at a reasonable price.

Switch and operation.

The hadron comes with a handy remote that lets you control front and rear lights independently. Very nifty, especially when helmet mounted and for the rear light. This feature alone justifies the buy! The remote has to be paired with the lights. Do it indoors since the leds inside the remote are hard to see in full daylight. The process is straightforward. Push the two buttons on the remote, and then plug the lights to the battery.

Modes can be selected with a click of the buttons either on the unit itself or on the remote. An annoying feature (shared by several other light systems) is the fact that both 'blinking mode' and 'off mode' share the sequence with the three steady modes. This means that to go from low to high, like you would at the beginning of a descent, you first have to navigate through 'blink' and then 'off'... scary!
Better thought out systems have a long press to go on and off, and the three modes can be chosen in a loop that does not leave you in the dark before you plunge into a descent.

Also, while the rear light remembers the last setting and goes back to it when next on, the front light always wakes up in full mode. Puzzling.

On the trail

The light pumps a torrent of light, of a color that I find pleasant because it is white without it being too 'blue'. It's amazing how powerful lights have become over the years. The beam is very smooth and has no hot spots. Perfect. It is narrow, so if you mount it on the bars you will need something on your helmet to help you around tight corners. Mounting two hadrons is officially greedy (I bought two, but one is for a friend. I promise.).


The body is plastic, with silver aluminium fins. The hooks to grab the mounting o-rings are also metal, which should stand to abuse. Mounting with the provided silicone o-rings is solid. Rear light seems all plastic, though. Said rear light is a cool addition, very helpful when commuting or if your rides need some road stretches. My only niggle is that when mounting on the seatpost (as it is obviously made for) it poins down. Perhaps a little rubber wedge should be provided? I've fashioned one out of an old Garmin Edge GPS, but any piece of rubber will do, like a cut out from an old bar grip.

I am not certain of the 2000 lumens. By comparison to other light sets I own, I'd say it's more like 1200-1500, but i have not measured so take it for what is worth. Plenty of light anyway. And I like the fact that the Low setting is, well, low. Many systems have low settings that drain the battery in 4 or 5 hours. The way I see it, the low setting is for climbing: as long as I have enough to see by, I'd rather keep the juice for the fast bits.

Can't comment on running times yet, but my impression is that the running times are accurate.

Wireless remote switch!
Tail light included
Excellent (on paper) running times
Good choice of output modes
Smooth, powerful beam.
Small size
Mounting flexibility.

Silly helmet mount
Cables are the wrong length
Operation forces to shut off before from low to high.

All in all, a very nice set of lights, at a very competitive price. Totally recommended.

Total power

Received my Hadron light bout a week ago now . So far I've used the light 3x now only on flash for road work each time, in total about 2.5 hrs . Not sure how long it suppose to last on 1 charge really but not done a night ride yet. I will be checking more but on the whole a good light and I'm happy but might take a head torch just in case.

Reasonable value

The front light seems powerful & illuminates the trail well with a good spread of light, comparable to more costly units.

Changing between modes is rudimentary in as much as one has to actually turn the light off if going from a lower power and then back to full power. Disconcerting at best, potentially hazardous at worst.

The cable connecting the rear light is on the short side and if like me you use a Fuel Pod to hold the battery (much neater than strapping it directly to the frame) then the cable is too short & does not reach.

The main issue I have is battery life. The unit simply does not hold a charge for long. Recently, after 2 short commutes (perhaps 40 minutes in total) with a mixture of high & low beam, the bike then went unused for a week only to find the battery completely flat. Other rechargeable units I’ve had in the past hold their charge far longer.

Overall the Hadron is reasonable value, but paying the premium for a Hope or Exposure light may be worth it if you regularly go off road at night.

Beware if using saddle bags or bar bags

I received my Hadron lights yesterday and I have to agree with one of the other reviews.

The current lights I had were about 12 years old and were showing there age and had been losing brightness this was why I bought these.

The are small and certainly brighter than my old set, although I cannot comment on whether they are 2000 lumens.

They appear well made and I like the remote, as I have fitted this to the grip on the handle bars.

As the other reviewer said, the front cycles through the different brightness settings, full, dimmer, dimmer, flashing and then off before going back to full. The rear light is slightly different in that it cycles through the different brightnesses but does not switch off until the switch is pressed for a couple of seconds.

I bought these to go on my hybrid bike, which I carry a saddle bag which obscures the seat post. I was aware of this and anticipated that I would need to find a different method of fixing the rear light.

I also have a spacebar to raise the front lights above a bar bag.

The length of the cable is probably just long enough to mount on the space bar if the rear light was mounted on the seat post, but not when placed on the saddle bag, and isn't really long enough even then.

Reliability issues

Front and rear lights are bright and compact. Cabling is a bit of a faff but ok.
The main problem is the battery, which does not hold its charge after even a fairly short period (a few days) in storage, and loses it completely in cold conditions (you know, when you might like to go night riding!).
Alpkit replaced my first one due to this issue, though the new one had the same problem. It has now died as the cable has pulled out from the battery case and Alpkit can’t fix it and it’s out of its warranty.
I’m finding that for night riding lights that last it’s worth spending the extra on one of the big name brands.

2nd review

Electrical fault on my first light which was replaced promptly. I charged the light up but not used it until I tested it 3 weeks later and it had lost its charge. At the moment I'll recharge and not use it to see if it happens again. I will be returning it for a refund if the fault shows again

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Hadron Under the Spotlight

The Alpkit Hadron is an excellent option...


MBR December 2017 - Andy McCandlish

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