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VELCRO Brand straps

125 cm Double Sided genuine VELCRO Brand hook and loop strap for spares; for use with our range of bikepacking equipment

Hook and loop strap
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  • Genuine VELCRO Brand hook and loop strap - Hook and loop strap
    Genuine VELCRO Brand hook and loop strap
This product has now sold out and is not available for purchase.

We chose this double sided hook and loop tape to make it easier to attach our bike kit to our bikes. From there they have been used as spares and placed on rucksacks and kayaks - this stuff is so useful! 

Genuine VELCRO Brand hook and loop strap, this strap just doesn't fray so you can cut it to the length you need easily.

The pack contains one 125 cm length of 20 mm strap.

Key features
  • Double Sided
  • 125 cm long
  • 20 mm Wide
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