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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Compact Hiker Single trekking poles

Compact Hiker


  • - Compact Hiker

Compact rucksack friendly trekking pole weighing in at just 275 g, with hand straps and a tungsten tip for extra grippiness

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Sometimes, the best of heroes come in small packages. This particular hero offers flexibility and security - complete with new hand-straps - but packs down almost to the length of a school ruler!

This is an updated version with a classic style handle and strap. It is a bit more versatile than the nordic style handle on the previous model and better suited to trekking in the mountains.

If you are on a mountainous trek, you're unlikely to want your poles in your hands all the time. You might face a tricky scramble where you just need to stow them away fast, and the shorter your poles the less likely they are to get in the way.

The lower sections fit together just like a tent pole, you then pull out the top section which tightens the internal cable and locks tight with a push button lock. The length of the pole is adjusted by sliding the handle section up and down and is secured into place with a single easy operation snap lock widget. With only one locking mechanism, it is easier to maintain.

The Compact Hiker breaks down to a stumpy 38 cm for stashing onto a daypack or even stashing into your hold luggage.

At the business end of the pole the hard tungsten tip provides great grip as well as ensuring longevity, while for more delicate terrains we provide a rubber tip protector. 

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Key features
  • 3 section aluminium construction
  • Compact 38 cm pack size
  • Durable tungsten tip
  • Continuous internal wire tensioner and snap lock
  • Updated hand strap
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

3 sections of 7075 aluminium construction
Tungsten tip


Total weight: 275 g
Pole weight: 255 g
Basket weight: 10 g
Tip protector: 10 g

Min packed length: 38 cm
Min/max usable pole length: 110 cm / 130 cm
Handle: 14 cm
Top pole diameter: 16 mm
Bottom pole diameter: 14 mm

Origin: China

Product Care Information

Download the PDF trekking pole instruction sheet.

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