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Airlok Xtra 20l drybag

20 litre drybag with attachment point and shoulder strap designed to be tough and adaptable for adventures and expeditions, ideal for lining your pack or carrying a sleeping mat

Airlok Xtra 20l drybag with attachment points
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Whether you are on expedition, bikepacking across the Alps or on your gap year trekking across South America; Airlok XTra dry bags will be up to the challenge of keeping your kit safe and dry. 

Available in a range of sizes they have been used for first aid kits, wash bags, camera bags, rucksack liners, food bags, minimalist rucksacks.. even nappy bags.

A roll-top closure makes it quick and easy to gain access to your contents. No zip to break, it is a remarkably simple and reliable barrier to water penetration. Fully taped seams make them ideal in scenarios where you are exposed to the worst of the weather.

Attachment points along the sides of the bags and one on the base make them incredibly versatile. They can be attached to a bike or motorbike or simply left in the boot of your car for storing all your emergency essentials. 

We know you need equipment that will last for the duration. If you are out on your baddest adventure ever, a tough, scuff and bash resistant drybag will serve you well. But if you push it too far a repair is still possible. Small punctures or rips can be easily fixed with our Tuff Tape or Tuff Tape patches.

Roll-top dry bags are not recommended for constant submersion.

Airlok Xtras have changed! Well, kind of…

Our Airlok Xtra, Dual, and Tapered dry bags are now lighter, with minimal sacrifice to durability. You'll find that they're more supple and less beefy than previous incarnations, but don’t panic! They’re still durable, protective, and as adaptable as they always have been: the same, but different!

Key features
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Vital stats

Fabric: 320D Taslan Nylon
Coating: PU
Hydrostatic Head: 10,000 mm
Tensile strength: Warp: 110 kg; Weft: 90 kg
Fabric weight: 160g/m2


Weight: 150 g
Flat length: 67 cm
Flat width: 32 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 23 x 56 cm

Origin: China

Commonly used attachments include: Handlebars of a mountain bike (ideal for bikepacking adventures) To the outside of a rucksack for extra storage space (great for extended trips such as gap year travels) To a canoe thwart or kayak (perfect for canoe tripping) To a boulder mat (for when you can’t stuff anymore inside it)

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Built for the outdoors!

Based on my findings with gear in rough environments, the Xtra grade are superb. I use them for hiking / backpacking purposes rather than biking. One year I was using the 20ltr to house a Thermarest Z-lite which was being strapped to the outside of my pack, flat (for the record, that was the Z-lite folded in such a way that there are 8 folds on one side, 6 on the other, making it much less protruding). The Airlok Xtra in this application was less for waterproofing but more about protection for the mat while tearing through some savage thorny and scraping terrain in southern Europe. Granted, the top roll could only be done about twice on the 20 ltr but it was a surprisingly tidy fit for the mat in width and depth. It also meant I had a sit mat to unclip from the outside of my pack during rest stops and use. It was then used at beaches as a float for longer distance swimming. Following all that rough terrain (and my weight on the Xtra bag in that terrain as a sit mat with the mat inside), the 20 ltr Airlok Xtra is still fully intact today.

Great bag

Been using this everyday as a commute bag for 6 months (either on tube or on the top of a rear pannier). Also used it on two tow/bridle-path multi-day missions with a https://www.alpkit.com/products/love-mud-confucius.

This is a excellent bag, attachment straps make it very flexible, its strong, waterproof.

This is my everyday + mission bag.

- the red carry strap has a plastic buckle attaching it to the bag. This is not very strong and will give way with the weight of 3+ wine bottles. This can be easily modified (although I'm not sure if the bag is designed for such weight, and don't use it every day with such a load)

- the compression straps are not easily adjustable. I.e. if you pull out water-proofs you need to tighten the bag so it sits tight on whatever frame it is attached to. If quick adjustable straps were available from alpkit I would buy them.

Still, this is an awesome bag I continue to use everyday.

Quality has changed

The quality has changed within the years, the new version is much more fragile than the older version that I've bought a few years ago. To expensive for the quality now.