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Neil Cottam


Mechanical Engineer, Mountainbiker, Outdoorist, and Traveller with a penchant for the offbeat or unusual. Blogger, Tree Hugger, Bookworm, Earthling.

Impulsive, passionate, and possibly a little bit reckless… Favours the underdog.

I enjoy racing but I’m not a racer (Particularly stage races and ultra-endurance). I like the dynamic that racing brings to an adventure and I enjoy the impetus it gives me to push myself harder than I might. I’m also a Trail Runner, Snowboarder, Mountainboarder, bad Climber (semi-retired due to injury), Slackliner, and Carp Angler. I hold a PADI Open Water certification and I am a long serving member of the prestigious British Carp Study Group.

The earliest and most important influences that shaped my future-self included Biggles, Evel Kneivel, Asterix the Gaul, and The Wombles.

Current custodian of a small woodland and I’m particularly fond of Yorkshire tea, good coffee, and beer.

Favourite Alpkit stuff: Faro Shorts, anything Kepler, Velocity and Momentum socks. Atom. The Sonder Signal Ti.

Neil Cottam

The Number Crunch.

  • Countries visited: 35
  • Yak Attack, Rumble in the Jungle, and Strathpuffer (solo) finisher – multiple times. (MTB)
  • Circumnavigated Sri Lanka on a local singlespeed bicycle.
  • Circumnavigated Eastern Nepal (Kanchenjunga) and Western Nepal (Rara Lake) – Bikepacking.
  • Ultra Tour of the Peak District 60 mile Ultra Marathon.
  • Everest Marathon - 5th placed international.
  • Crazy Golf World Championships – 67th.
  • English Amateur Freestyle Wrestling Champion – Twice.

26 01 2019 - Daring Deeds

Huffing and Puffing: Strathpuffer Part 2
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Huffing and Puffing: Strathpuffer Part 1
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12 05 2018 - Daring Deeds

A helping hand for Helping Paws
A hare-brained scheme to help neglected street dogs

28 07 2017 - Daring Deeds

Jungle Rumble - Part 2
Sri Lanka mountain bike race

28 07 2017 - Daring Deeds

Jungle Rumble - Part 1
mountain bike stage race in Sri Lanka

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