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Try Before You Buy - Sonder Demo and Bike Hire

You can book a free Sonder Bike Demo to test ride a bike at any of our stores and AKHQ, or alternatively you can hire a Sonder Bike for a day or longer to truly test it to its limits.

Interested? Complete the form below and we'll be in-touch to book your demo:




We will have to put a hold on your bank card for the cost of the bike that you demo for the weekend.

This is basically insurance that the bike will be returned; it is processed as a deferred payment in the SagePay secure payment system.

No money is taken from your account, however, it does lock it in so that you cannot access those funds from when you call to make the payment to when the bike arrives back with us (usually around a week in total for a weekend demo). Once the bike is returned we abort the deferred payment which releases the funds for you. You can put the deferred payment on either a credit or debit card.


Updated: Aug 24, 2018

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