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Cycle to Work Schemes

Cycle-to-Work is a UK government scheme which lets you buy a new bike through your employer, saving between 25% and 42% on the price of the bike through tax and national insurance savings.

Am I eligible?

Cycle to Work is open to all UK resident customers who want to buy a bike from Alpkit. Check with your employer whether they run a scheme.

What can I buy with the scheme?

You can purchase any of our Sonder bikes through Cycle to Work. Employers making a direct payment as part of an internal scheme must ensure that all agreements between the employer and employee adhere to government guidelines on Cycle to Work. We cannot accept responsibility for any final decisions made.

What equipment can I include?
A wide range of cycling equipment can be included on Cycle to Work. HMRC’s scheme guidelines advise that a ‘common sense approach’ should be taken when considering items to include. As a rule of thumb, any items which help make you safer, keep your bike safe, or help with your commute can be included, as follows:

  • Lights
  • Bags and racks
  • Cycle clothing*
  • Any high-visibility items
  • Pedals
  • Saddles
  • Tyres
  • Stems, seat-posts
  • Replacement bike parts to keep your bike safe on the road, such as wheels and tools/maintenance items (e.g. pumps, puncture repair kits, multi-tools but not workstands)

Which cycle-to-work schemes does Alpkit accept?

  • Direct payment from employer's own scheme
  • Bike 2 Work
  • Halfords
  • Bikes for Staff
  • Cycle Solutions
  • CyclePlus
  • Cyclescheme

How do I place an order?

Find out the following from your employer and cycle-to-work scheme provider before placing an order:

  • What is the price limit for your cycle to work scheme?
  • Can additional top-up payments be made on top of the cycle to work voucher?
  • How long does it usually take your employer to supply the information to the scheme and to Alpkit?
  • What are the terms & conditions from your employer, the scheme provider and Alpkit? (it's best to check that there are no contradictions which might cause problems at a later stage).
  • How do I send a voucher to Alpkit?

Post your Cycle to Work vouchers to:

Cycle to Work, Alpkit Limited, Unit 12-14 Oak House, Engine Lane, Newthorpe, Nottingham, NG16 3QU

Please also include:

  • A photocopy of some photo-identification (e.g. Driver’s License, Passport)
  • Your order reference

Vouchers can also be provided as an e-certificate. You can forward this to us by e-mail to support@alpkit.com with a copy of some photo ID and the order reference.

How long does the process take?

You have 28 days to provide us with your cycle-to-work voucher from the date of your order. We will contact you once the voucher is received to collect any additional payments (including the admin fee). Once the balance has been paid, we will build your bike for despatch within 10 days.

If a voucher is not provided within 28 days and no contact has been provided to advise us of a delay, a final attempt to contact you will be made before we cancel your order.

What if my certificate doesn’t equal the exact cost of the bike and equipment?
If your certificate value is more than the cost of the equipment, it is not possible to get a refund but you can include more accessories. If your certificate value is less than the cost of the equipment you can add your own money to it. It is your responsibility to check with the employer and scheme to ensure extra payments are accepted by them before placing an order. We cannot be held accountable if this is disputed at a later date.

Additional Payments

We design, source and build all our bikes to order and sell direct to you, avoiding retail and wholesale mark-ups. This means that all our bikes are incredibly well-priced and are sold at a significantly lower price to comparable high street prices and RRPs. See how our prices compare against other brands and check back. 

As with many other bike shops, when our price is below the full retail price listed in our stores and on our website, we pass on any additional fees that Cycle to Work scheme providers charge us for administering the scheme on behalf of your employer. We pass the exact charge to you including VAT without adding anything extra ourselves.

Please note that and additional charge DOES NOT APPLY if an employer is paying us directly for the bike.

We'll get in touch for any payment when we have received your voucher. You order for the bike to be built and delivered will be progressed once the payment for the outstanding amount has been made. If there are any major problems with stock or the build itself, we will contact you to make you aware. Please ensure you have supplied us with a valid contact number to reach you on.


"Who is the legal owner of the bike?"

Please check with your specific scheme as your employer may be the legal owner of the bike until the end of the lease period. At that point, your employer may choose to either keep the bike or sell it to you for a nominal sum set out in the terms of their scheme

"Do we provide quotes for bikes?"

Yes, simply contact us at support@alpkit.com. A quote is valid for 30 days but does not guarantee that the stock will be held. 

"Can I order a bike with a higher value than the voucher and pay the remaining balance myself?"

Please check that your company allows this since not all companies or cycle-to-work providers do so.

"Can I change my bike once I have my cycle-to-work voucher?"

Yes, however once the build process has begun on your bike this is no longer possible.

"Can I upgrade components to items not listed on the bike page?"

Yes please contact us for bespoke builds.

"How long does it take from building to shipping?"

All bikes are built within 10 days and shipped the same day. Delivery depends on your location and is generally 2-5 days within the UK and up to 10 days internationally.

"Can I use the voucher in person?"

Yes you can. To place an order you need to have your voucher with you and pay the admin fee on the day.

"Can I Pay by credit/debit card and have the money refunded once we receive the voucher?"

No, all cycle to work orders have to be paid from the start by voucher and additional payment.

"I now have my voucher. When can I collect my bike?"

All bikes are built to order when we have both the voucher and admin fee or direct payment from your employer to the total agreed cost of your bike. Bikes are built with 10 days and we will let you know when it is ready for collection or delivery.

"Are any bikes excluded from the Cycle to Work Scheme?"

All bikes are available on cycle-to-work schemes.

"What happens if I change my mind?"
After signing the hire agreement you have a 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. After that the hire agreement with your employer is not cancellable.

Created: May 10, 2016

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