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Love Mud Grasp Comfort handlebars grips

Grasp ergonomic handlebar grips


  • - Grasp ergonomic handlebar grips

Pair of triple density, ergonomic, lock-on handlebar grips.


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There's nothing worse than the hand cramp kicking in right in the middle of your bikepacking adventure; Love Mud Grasp is so comfortable that your hands might even become a little too luxurious.

Your handlebar grips are the point of contact for your hands and your bike, and a good pair will improve your control and let you eat up the miles in comfort. 

With triple density rubber construction and an anatomical design, the Grasp is made to increase comfort and stave off numbness and cramp when you're on the long rides.

Lock on clamps make them easy to fit and keep them securely in place when you're riding, and a grippy outer material means that, once your hands are clamped down on the handlebars, they won't be slipping off unless you want them to.

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Key features
Vital stats

Weight: 115 g (each)
Length: 140 mm

Origin: Taiwan

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Cumbrian John
Excellent, but be careful!

Lovely looking, very, very comfortable, light and excellent value for money. Easy to fit and easy to adjust....two allen headed bolts; one on the end and one as a 'clencher' around the bar.

But...there us always a but....do NOT over tighten the one at the bar end....it will go pop and render the whole caboodle u/s. I did, all my own fault. As they came on an assembled bike I did not have a torque setting for them,,,oops.

They are so good, though, I have ordered another pair!!

Super, all day comfort

I've never been especially comfortable on a mountain bike, primarily due to pressure on the heel of my hand. I used to like bar ends as you could vary the position of the hand on longer rides, but they are terribly outdated now and I kept catching them in undergrowth. These grips are by far the least expensive on the market, and are lock ons unlike many. The main benefit is great comfort - perfectly comfy for hours without moving hand position continuously. Two items of note; the angle is crucial to increase or decrease how much pressure is applied to the heel of the hand - there is a definite sweet spot. Secondly, they won't work on bars that have too thick a wall. Highly recommended!

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