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Every One Has A Story

Riding is what we do, it is what we love. Bikes for long days in the saddle: mountains, trail centres, off road expeditions, journeys into the wilderness and round the world adventure. We wanted bikes to take us to the mountains, bikes to get us up the mountains and bikes to ride it down.

Every One Has A Story. What's Yours?

Sonder Signal Ti

Titanium 29er hardtail, an awesome all-round hard tail mountain bike. Built for speed on fast flowy singletrack and attacking the big mountains It pedals like an XC, descends like an enduro, and captures the rawness of riding a hardtail on fast, flowy singletrack. Stand up, sprint, and ride it hard on the groomed trails at Llandegla and Glentress or take it to the big mountains and let loose

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Sonder Evol

Enthusiastic, playful, tough, responsive 650b 140mm mountain bike. In its element on extreme ground and unburdened elsewhere.

Active and plush suspension for a bottomless feel and poppy ride, climbs well and descends flat out. Super fast, super stiff, all the time. For local trails, bikeparks, trail centre black runs, hike-a-bike and enduro duty. Evol keeps coming back for more

"It’s a bike built for hard knocks, ragging around and acting like a hooligan on. Take it on a bigger, more pedally day in the hills and you’ll be rewarded with good times all the way as it climbs to the top before soaking up most of what you can throw at it on the way down." Singletrack Magazine

"Impressively stiff, up-to-date and upgradeable agro trail frame ... a shrewd long-term investment" MBUK magazine

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Sonder Colibri

Tarmac loving full carbon disc brake endurance road bike. Comfortable, stable, capable climber and blisteringly fast descender. For the endurance rider rather than day racer.

Colibri is a sure footed and precise endurance road bike for covering long distances at speed. Disc brakes and bolt through axles offer stiffness and superior stopping power.Take it to the Alps for the grand tour cols, the UK's toughest road climbs, the bike of choice for the TCR and epics. A ridiculously competent descender, get yourself to warp speed and back again, tackle the steepest climbs, ride all day, every day. Race across a continent

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Sonder Frontier

Quick, lightweight 29er modern mountain bike, a genuine multi-activity hardtail. Fast and fun without any fuss. Take it to a trail centre and go for a new lap record, or load it up with bags and ride rugged country, bothy trips to Cape Wrath and beyond

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Sonder Transmitter

Long, low and slack, planted plus hardtail mountain bike that holds the line on the roughest of trails. UK trail shredder. A wake up call for the mountain bike world. A hooligan of a bike for trail centres, singletrack and the UKs big mountain. Transmitter is aggressive and fast but fun and forgiving. 6061 aluminium frame with 650b+ boost wheelsets

2018 Hardtail Of The Year Runner Up mbr magazine

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Sonder Transmitter Carbon

Carbon hardtail mountain bike. Perfect trail partner, rewarding good line choices, T700 carbon gives Transmitter pinpoint accurate steering and response. It isn't evolution its revolution. It's like a scalpel, it slices singletrack, smooth, direct, precise, responsive and rewarding.

"Blisteringly fast, sweetly detailed, radically dialled and still a total bargain" bikeradar.com

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Sonder Broken Road

Custom titanium hardtail mountain bike suited for wilderness rides and remote places. A companion for a lifetime of adventure. Yet its slack geometry makes it a capable trail hardtail in its own right. Broken Road comes into its own chewing up off-road miles with finesse, a real mile-muncher. Race the Great Divide, ride across New Zealand or summit high passes in Nepal

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Sonder Camino Al

Capable, tough and quick aluminium adventure bike and carbon blade fork for traffic free road riding, exploring the world or rediscovering your own back yard. Open up the B roads and bridleways of Britain with interchangeable wheel options that switch a Saturday winter club ride into a Sunday singletrack adventure , take the path less travelled for day long traffic free road and trail path riding

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Sonder Camino Ti

Titanium drop bar adventure bike. It is quick, light and definitely not afraid to leave the asphalt. We've taken a race cross bike and relaxed the riding position, extending the wheelbase for a fast, comfortable all-day ride. Dirty roads, gravel racing, LEJOG on bridleways and tracks, lightweight attack up a mountain pass with just a water bottle or loaded up to cross Africa. Raised eyebrows on your local single track to hard won stories in far-off lands. With mud-guard mounts, rack mounts and many bottle cage mounts Camino Ti can be configured for rugged exploration and world travel.

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Sonder Vir Fortis

Full carbon fat bike adventurer for snow, mud and sand. Make winter riding days and nights to remember. Go full fat and go where no other bike can. A full carbon fat bike with slack geometry for a fun characterful trail friendly ride on wintry days. Float over surfaces on big 4.8” tyres.

Built for exploring and Iditarod capable, Vir Fortis is a Rovaniemi 150 Arctic Winter Race Winner. It isn't your regular faceless hero.

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Sonder Cahoot Ti Tandem

Cahoot, to share equally; become partners

Share the joys of riding together no matter the road you travel.

Cycling is not a solo sport and the rhythm of tandem riding brings out a broad grin wherever you go. Tackle steep singletrack, flow down downhills and ride fully loaded on tarmac. Two minds, one thought, the togetherness of riding together with all you need for days and nights in the wild.

A capable bespoke hand made tandem mountain bike designed for your size, geometry and specification. Made from aeronautical grade titanium and with a 10 year guarantee.

Custom built bespoke Cahoot frames from £2,499; complete bikes from £3,999.
Full bikes take about 3 months from initial conversations, through design, drawing and build.

Arrange a demo of Cahoot from one of our stores and test ride over a weekend for £39 a day.

Call us on 01773 417007 or email support@alpkit.com for more info

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The Sonder Storybook - 2018

Built by Sonder bike gurus at AKGHQ

We build all Sonder bikes to order, dial the tuning, test ride and check to make sure it is spot-on before carefully packing your Sonder in a unique shipment box and send to you.

All our bikes are hand-built by Cytech qualified staff right here in the 'Old Factory' so please allow 10 working days for delivery. When you receive your Sonder simply roll-out from the box, fix the handlebars, adjust the saddle height, attach some pedals, double check the brakes and ride.

Try Before You Buy

Arrange a demo at one of our stores or take a bike away for the day for £39 or a weekend at £59. We also offer a delivery and collection service for £30 (can only be used in conjunction with a weekend demo). Give us a call and book an appointment then come down with a helmet and try before you buy. Rental costs are fully refunded if you then buy a new Sonder from us.

Sonder bespoke frames and bikes

All Sonder bikes are fully customisable and we offer tailor-made bespoke titanium frames. We stock SRAM groupsets and components, Rockshox forks and can source almost any part for you. Give us a call and we will help spec and build a Sonder. With the same experienced mechanic helping throughout your build you know who to call if there's anything you want to know.

Alpine Bond

All Sonder bikes are covered by Alpkit's Alpine Bond, 123 Day Returns Policy, Accident Damage Replacement.

Sonder frames have a 5 year warranty and titanium frames have a 10 year warranty.

Direct service

We designed the frames, built the protos and have been test riding them for over a year. They've been on the Tuscany Trail, Welsh Ride Thing, Coed-y-Brenin, Studley Pike and at home in the Peaks.

The geometry is tuned and performance is dialled. When you buy a Sonder you are speaking directly with the designers, the engineers and the bike builders. Our bikes are specced to how they should be ridden. With no middleman, the price-tag is pure riding enjoyment.

Bikepacking bags

Add custom-made Alpkit Bikepacking bags to complete the multi-day expedition system. View the range.

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