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Love Mud Mool rear pannier rack

Love Mud Mool pannier rack


  • - Love Mud Mool pannier rack

Lightweight disc compatible, tubular aluminium rear rack for long distance touring adventures; compatible with the Toliari pannier

SALE: £23.99 Was: £24.99

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Mool is a tubular aluminium pannier rack designed to turn your adventure cross bike into a fast expedition tourer.

Designed to work perfectly with our Sonder bikes, the Mool is a versatile and adaptable being, and will fit most bikes with traditional mounts.

So that the Mool always has your back, a tailgate plate permits 50 and 80 mm lights or a suitable reflector.

Key features
  • Fender top
  • Adjustable arms
  • Attachment type: Braze ons
  • Compatible with disc brakes
  • Max. recommended load weight: 18 kg
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight: 525 g
Aluminium tubing: 12 mm diameter
Height: 38 cm
Width (at seat stay attachment point): 13.5 cm
Width (at seat post attachment point): 5 cm
Adjustable arm: 140 mm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

7 Reviews


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This does fit a frontier.

Speak to the sales team and they will send with the rack 2 bolts and 4 caliper washers. This will allow it to fit a frontier.
Remember this is one rack to fit all so if a little out just tweak it a little. Took me 2 minutes.
Also people saying the seat stay rods are too long. Its multi fit so fit it, mark it and cut them off. Personally I bent them so if swapping between bikes they will still fit everything.
I use mine with Ortleib bags.

Very nice

Used for a few months now and very happy with it. Stable and plenty of attachment options.

A rack that really does fit the 20 litre Toliari panniers

First off, having already read the reviews here I expected to use a hacksaw to install this rack. Happily I realized in time that by rotating the stays so they bend upward and by positioning the bosses on the inside rather than the outside, I was able to fit the rack with no cutting. From this I conclude that fitting instructions would be a welcome addition—as would some additional M5 bolts! (I have not docked a star for the lack of them though.)

Once I worked out how to install it the job took 5 minutes.


Just received the Mool this morning.
It was extremely easy to fix on to the bike (Max 10 mins as I had already gone to the shop to buy the hardware needed).
I wanted a light weight rack to strap a bag to when I go for a ride with the kids.
I also wanted to see if it was compatible with the Airlock Xtra dry bags that I have so as create a minimalist touring setup.
I added 2 x 13 litres dry bags to the sides and a 20l on top to give a very respectable 46 litres of storage. Total weight of rack + bags (empty) = 995 grams..... Add on to that 200 grams or so of cam straps and you have a 1.2 kg setup for £70/75. Pretty hard to beat grin

Nick H

I'm actually the person that did the other review of the old version of the Mool.
The reason I bought the new one is that the old Mool doesn't fit my Sonder Camino very well. Not a huge issue as it works well on my wife's bike.
This new one is a better fit but I still needed to cut 20mm off of the arms/struts so that I could get the top of the rack nice and flat.
The rack seems well made and is very well priced.
The reason I gave 4 stars is because of having to cut the struts on a product seemingly made specifically for my bike and the fact that the new Mool actually weighs 622g, so nearly 100g more than stated.
All in all a solid choice

Simon Dalton
Does not fit!

I have a pretty standard road bike - this frame just doesn't fit neatly with my bike - the two adjustable rods that connect the frame to the bike stick up and make putting stuff on top on the pannier very tricky. Sad times Alpkit.


The adjustable rods on the Mool rack are intentionally oversized so that the rack can work with a wider range of bikes. They can be easily trimmed down to the correct length once you’ve set the Mool up on your bike. - Alpkit

Not compatible with Sonder Frontier

Absolutely not compatible with the disk brakes on a Sonder Frontier. Can be solved though, with adding extra rings, 5 mm thick. The Arkel Drylites panniers don't fit on this rack.

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