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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Love Mud Juice Boost dynamo hub

Love Mud Juice Boost dynamo disc hub


  • - Love Mud Juice Boost dynamo disc hub

Super smooth 6V/3W dynamo disc boost hub for running your lights and recharging your batteries on the move.

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Dynamo hubs provide a source to keep your vital lighting and electronics charged when you're far from civilisation. All you have to do is keep pedalling.

Juice Boost is a highly efficient, low drag device with a 6V / 3W output. Tested down to -20C, it is ready for extreme conditions and suitable for road, cross and mountain bikes with boost hubs.

We do not recommend charging your expensive electronic gadgetry directly from the hub dynamo. It provides an unregulated AC output that you can convert via a USB charger to provide a reliable DC current.

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Key features
  • For bikes with boost hubs
  • Energy source for bikepacking
  • Efficient, low drag hub
  • Connector included
  • Provides a reliable DC current
  • Spoke holes: 32
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Output 6v


Weight: 494 g
Axle: 110 mm, 15 mm Bolt-Thru or QR
6 bolt disc mount
Flange to Centre: 29 mm
Flange Diameter: 58.5 mm


Origin: Taiwan

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