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Love Mud Jekyll SPD flats touring and mtb pedals


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Single sided SPD and flat aluminium pedals for touring and mountain biking which can be used with SPD or flat shoes

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Jekyll is two faced; SPD's and flats all in one, multi-purpose mtb touring pedals.

Jekyll gives you the freedom to ride with normal shoes or with cleats. Jekyll combines a single sided SPD mechanism with a flat pedal body with grip pins on the other. They are ideal for riders who switch frequently from the daily commute to nipping down to the local shop for a pint of milk in their loafers. 

The flat side has 8 replaceable grip pins, 4 mm long, they provide grip in all conditions. When you are ready to get your power on the cleats are just a half rotation away - no swapping your pedals out. 

Jekyll also comes provided with Love Mud 'SH-51 style' cleats.

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Key features
  • Clipless one sided
  • CNC-machined Cr-Mo axle
  • Cleats provided
Vital stats

Body: 6061 aluminum, CNC-machined body
Axle: CNC-machined Cr-Mo
Bearings: LSL bushing & sealed
Other: Replaceable grip pins
Binding: Single sided Cr-Mo, Tension adjustable
Size: 84 x 86 mm
Weight: 314 g / pair

Origin: Taiwan

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

4 Reviews


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Cumbrian John
Excellent Compromise

Spec'ed these on a Camino Al build and now have 120km on the clock, time to report in.

Because the plan is to cycle in some wild places where I will wear boots to push and carry, yet on more local miles I am more likely to use my cycle shoes. Therefore I needed a 50/50 design.

The cleat side is easy to clip into and unclip, adjustments are simple. There is some lateral slack which takes a little getting use to, but the stress in knees is thus removed.

The ordinary side is very grippy and stable.

If the going is a bit dodgy I can have one shoe clipped in and the escape committee foot happily on the ordinary side ready for a dab...or two.

Good value, light and strong.

Best of both worlds

Bought these pedals for riding Critical Mass (flats) on the Friday night then long ride on the Saturday (spd). Worked a treat, very easy to clip into also. Love them

Multi tasking monsters

I've long wanted a pedal with a clip on one side and a standard pedal on the other. I'll say it from the outset: I'm greedy when it comes to outdoor gear. I want everything to be able to do mor than one thing and adapt to several situations. Well, these pedals fit the bill for me perfectly.

Thanks to John who dealt with my order. They arrived quickly and well packaged. I can tell you, reader, that the pictures do the pedals justice. They are very nicely made indeed. Fitting the pedals was a minor task. The cleats fastened into my shoes nicely and when I first had a bit of a practice putting the cleats in and removing them to avoid the o'oh there's a zebra crossing with a lot of people on it, stop, wobble, look at zebra crossing people from the ground situation, I found them easy to clip in and out. Phew. Broken collar bones avoided.

On the road they worked nicely and I found I was able to pedal comfortably without any chance of cleats slipping out. When I came to a little bit of the off road shenanigans, checking out some overnight spots, I slipped out of the cleats, flipped the pedals and found the flat surface to maintain grip. The little pimples (!) that stick up allowed sufficient purchase when the going got muddy and slow and gave me the confidence to keep on pedalling. Then, when I rejoined the road, a simple flip and I was back in cleat mode.

The quality of the construction means that these will be pedals that will last. The dual modes keep my gear greediness well satisfied and the fact that they have made me happy on more than one terrain is tribute to Alpkit and their philosophy. Go nice places and do good things peeps. With these pedals, for me, that's more possible than ever.

Excellent value + Performance

I've put these on my "do everything" rigid MTB - off road at weekends, commute in the week, everything in-between and I've tried them with Shimano MTB boots, normal trainers and walking boots: no problems at all with any of them and super grippy.

The platform is a little smaller than I had anticipated - about right for my size 9's, but if I rode them as flats all the time I'd probably want them a little bigger; however once I was used to them they are super comfy and supportive. The black colouring is wearing quite a bit on the flat side after 8 mths or so of use several times a week (so I can't really complain about that!) but otherwise, a great piece of kit.

Clips work well, easily adjustable, bearings still smooth as butter even after 8 months+ of every kind of British (and French!) ) weather.

Heartily Recommended - at this price they are great value. And they look cool too!

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