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Love Mud Front Fender - Regular

Simple, lightweight front mud guard, quick and easy to attach

Fender mud guard
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  • - Fender mud guard

Smashing through puddles and over marshy ground can be great fun, but getting a face full of bog water certainly isn’t. You can avoid a wet face with a Love Mud Front Fender.

A face full of dirty water and mud doesn’t come very high on most people's list of favourite things. These lightweight plastic mudguards don’t require any special fixings on your bike and can be strapped straight onto your forks.

Keep the dirt out your eyes so you can focus on the important things, having a great ride.

Key features
  • Under 50 g
  • Polypropylene
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Origin: China

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Peter Urwin
Perfect for a touring bike

Its very lightweight, does the job and has not parts which could possibly go wrong which makes it ideal for touring. No nuts, no bolts, just cable ties to attach.