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Love Mud Confucius hoop bar


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Create the ultimate bikepacking expedition rig and add luggage options to your bike with Confucious 6061 aluminium hoop handlebar

SALE: £24.99 Was: £34.99

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Confucius says that you don't have to sacrifice what you love about your traditional riser bars just to get the flexibility of a hooped bar.

We have taken our Aspect risers and evolved them in to a bar designed primarily for bikepacking. You won't have to adapt to a new hand position so you are not going to lose any control offroad and you can still get out of your saddle and power up the hills like a hero. If you do want to move your hands a bit a reduce the fatigue of a long ride the hoop extends out front giving a choice of further hand positions. Need some bar tape? Add a couple of rolls of Love Mud Reels for better comfort and grip.

The bars have a slight riser but feel free to experiment and rotate them to your suiting. Keep them horizontal, or twist them up slightly to give yourself a streamlined TT style riding position to help you battle across a windblown Tierra del Fuego.

Strength is not compromised as the main load bearing section of the bar is a single piece. Got gadgets? Confucius loves gadgets, and with the out-front hoop you can free up the bar around the stem. Simply attach your Garmin, 3000 lumen torches or mascots to the hoop and they will still be well within reach, maybe at an even better viewing angle and sit above your handle bar luggage.

Take your bikepacking into the mountains; Confucius is a bar that gives you more control than a tradional swept back bar on technical terrain. 

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Key features
  • 760 mm width
  • Flexible hand positions
Vital stats

Weight: 488 g
Bar bulge: 31.8 mm
Width: 760 mm
Sweep: 9˚
Rise: 15 mm
6061 Aluminium

Origin: Taiwan

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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I like these so much I'm buying another set to put on my second bike. I've tried other similar bars but actually found I don't like the 'sweep', so these bars are kinda like straight bars but the outside loop allows for a few hand positions and improves real estate too for gadgets and bags. For thirty quid there is really no reason not to buy them. Highly recommended.

Dave Knight
Great for e-bikes

I love mountain biking, and I live on the edge of an officially designated 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. I'm in my mid 60s however, and I had to give up cycling a few years ago due to a failing aortic valve and an aortic aneurism. Then in 2012, I had an op to replace my aortic valve and arch, which was successful, but involved a recovery period of about a year. When I tried to go cycling again, I found (not surprisingly) that residual heart muscle damage had left me somewhat short of cardiac output. So I converted an MtB into a 250W mid-drive e-bike, to which I can fit a small front sprocket for off-road activity. This is fantastic, but I immediately ran into the problem that I could not get all of the stuff I needed onto my handlebars. For basic e-bike kit, I have a motor controller, status display, and twist & go throttle. Add to that a pair of brake actuators, a rear shifter, and an inclinometer, and I'm nearly out of room. But I'm also heart patient, so I need a holder for a smartphone running a GPS locator app, so that members of my family can find me if I fail to come home when expected. I also have an enormous Li-ion bike battery, which can not only power the smartphone, it can also run some powerful LED lights. So, to complete my bike project, I started searching for something like motorcycle trails bars, thinking that I might mount things on the cross-brace. There doesn't seem to be anything like that with 31.75 mm mid-section however, and raised bars would be pretty unergonomic on an MtB anyway. Then I came across these hoop bars and realised that they are the perfect solution. They give almost exactly the same riding position as ordinary MtB bars, but are just a little wider at 760 mm, giving slightly better control. I've just fitted them and gone for a ride around the lanes, with my wife watching my progress via my GPS data. You really need to publicise this design to the e-bike fraternity.

First ride report

I was searching for some bars that gave 'options' for my fatbike. When I spotted these I had to give them a try. Initial impression was well made and a reasonable weight considering the extra material out front!

I've covered 2 rides so far. One in snow and the other a more normal muddy ride. I thought that they might be a touch wide for me when ordering them but they feel spot on. As yet I have not noticed the additional stiffness mentioned in some reviews but that might be due to fat tyres and 6psi.

However, as an overall start I can only say I'm really pleased with both the qualty of the bars and hand position, etc. So a happy customer.

Ben Weller
Love These Bars

Nice and wide how i like them, and the loop out front give extra hand positions and gear attachment locations, much easier to strap a dry bag to then regular bars. Bit tricky to get bar tape around the loop neatly though but i managed it in the end.


Fitted these to my fatbike for bikepacking and they are great. Have my Cloud Cover down quilt attached on the top with my hammock underblanket underneath and it works brilliantly. Nice and wide so handling is still good and you just don't notice the weight on there

So good, such good value!

Have this on my surly troll. Been on two sustran missions with my son using these. Nice and wide to handle difficult terrain, can take a 20l bag + map holder on-top, very stable.

All good!

Ottimo prodotto

Ottimo manubrio, buona manifattura e robustezza sopratutto ottimo il prezzo. Spedizione rapidissima, insomma piena soddisfazione.
Bravi! Good Job!

Better bar none

Bought this as it looked more like the bar already fitted to my Krampus and I didn't want to go for a swept back look or feel. It did everything I expected on the South Downs Way last weekend, it held the bag strapped to it firmly, it took the plethora of gear clamped to guide and light my way and it provided a platform for the odds and sods needed during the day.

It will remain on, as last nights ride in the local forest showed it made no difference to how my trail riding felt. Nice bit of kit.

Mike Feldman
First Impression

First off- the service from Alpkit is top notch. Thank you. I ordered two bars and they were in my grimy paws in the USA in about a week. We received them the morning we were leaving for an overnight bikepacking trip.
The extension bar simplified lashing my drybag and hammock to the front end. The bars come wide and for me that's fine but we will need to shave these back a bit for the Mrs. Great fit- reasonable weight. Great bargain. I'll be using them come September on the Adirondack Trail Ride- a 550 mile bikepacking race around the Adirondack Park in northern New York, USA.

Hard ride

Practical bars that give extra options for attaching bags to your bags but these bars are very stiff. Riding on rough stuff off road though they fail to absorb the hits and transfer a bit too much of the trail to your wrists and forearms. So much so that I'm considering switching back to my old bars. I guess this will apply to most bars with this design though as the extra loop gives them so much more rigidity

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Sussex MTB Review Confucius Bars

The new Alpkit Confucius bar gives you a normal MTB like handlebar position and you still have the loop to attach your luggage when you need to

Sussex MTB

Sussex MTB June 2017 -

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