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Love Mud Bomber flared drop bar

Love Mud Bomber flared drop bar


  • - Love Mud Bomber flared drop bar

Flared aluminium drop bars for adventure riding on and off road


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Flared trousers are a hindarence on a bike but flared drops let you vary your grip, reduce fatigue and gain control.

Flared drops have found popularity in the cycle-cross and gravel racing communities where control and stability over off-road surfaces is important. For the long distance tourer flared drops give an even greater range of hand positions, allowing you to shuffle around on the bars and reduce fatigue. 

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Key features
Vital stats

Weight: 275 g
6061 aluminium


Drop: 120 mm
Reach: 70 mm
Flare angle: 45°
Stem bulge: 31.8 mm
Width: 560 mm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

9 Reviews


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Best bars ever!

They are light and terrific value for money. The off-road braking is transformed, I now spent the vast majority of my riding time on the drops because it’s so comfortable. Amazing bars!!!!

Tizzie James
You'll never go back to regular drop bars

I've been riding with my Bombers for about 3 months now and they're absolutely transformative. They make everything easier - carrying a bulky bar bag, changing gear, braking... They even make climbing easier because they give you a wider bar to wrestle with such that you can really get some physics on your side. The thing I like most about them is the extra stability when descending - they give you so much more confidence that you'll gain time on every downhill. The most fun part? Being able to stand up and sprint hard without any of the power waggle you get with narrow bars. I honestly can't imagine the circumstances which would have me going back to regular drop bars.

Ian Carey
Great performance and excellent value

I've got these on my road bike and they are really comfortable. On short and long rides I find them much better compared to conventional drop bars. Plenty of different places for one's hands. I also find it easier to operate the levers.

The extra width is really useful on rough surfaces. It also allows more space for carrying gear.

Highly recommended.

Flared drop bars REVELATION

Easy ordering and prompt delivery. Nice quality when I took them out of the packing.
Mounted the bars and took them for an outing to Parkhurst Forest Isle of Wight.....REVELATION.... unbelievable change in the handling and potential of my gravel bike a Rapide. I was able to allow the bike to accelerate down forest roads without feeling that every bump would lead to me losing grip on the bars. Brakes were in a position I could haul on them if I needed to and my hands and fingers quickly adapted to changing gear. I am using my ring finger to push the small lever on my 105 shifters and the large shifter is easily pushed by a combination of any fingers. Your hand size will dictate what you find best. I will fiddle and try slightly different angles to see what suits me best. I lifted my stem about 1 cm because information I had read suggested that a slightly higher set up brought the drops into a better position. I may flip my stem to lift them a wee bit more. Riding on the hoods didn't feel much different than my previous set up (other than the braking and gear changing process is even easy and more secure!!) and if I analyse my riding I rarely stand up whilst gravel riding as I do when road riding up hills . Some suggestions/instructions from the designers re how they perceived that the bars would be set up would have been of interest to me. Fiddling with set ups is quite a personal thing so I am sure I (you) will fine tune it. There are many fabulous off road journeys to be had on the Isle of Wight , a mountain bike is overkill for many of them. The extra control and confidence that these bars bring will have me smiling from ear to ear all over the Island.

West country Rider
Excellent Bars

These bar are very comfortable when riding on the hoods and gave far more control on braking than my old conventional drop bars, very easy riding position. On the drops they really come into their own, the level of control that they bring is amazing, one finger braking is a piece of cake and the width really helps handle the corners. Top, top stuff!

Good introduction to drops

Before I start I need to give you my point of view. I don't own a road bike, I won't own a road bike. I have a cross bike and I treat it mean. It is my first drop handled bike. Coming from big mountain bike bars I was worried that I would not get on this drops but I love these! I can get my head down and go fast. I can move all over the place. The best bit is that the stay stable over the rough stuff.

Great off road!

Brought these just for a change for my cross bike. They are amazing off road, somehow they really open up the bikes potential and provide loads of control and allow one finger braking without breaking your wrists. Great product!

Giorgio Graziani
Really comfortable !

lightweight and of adequate width handlebars, it allows a good grip on technical descents and different positions useful on steep climbs. The lower handle not tired wrists and cyclist load is well distributed

almost perfect, but for the price, they are great

Ive used these for nearly a year now on my gravel bike and ridden on various trails and terrains. The sweep and angle is great, the only thing id like is slightly longer drops which for my medium-large hands are just about long enough, but with thick gloves on in winter, theyre a tad short.

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