Font at Easter

By Derrick Bolger
04, Apr, 2014

Derrick draws on his 27 years experience of climbing at the sandstone mecca of Fontainebleau

Climbing in Fontainebleau
Climbing in Fontainebleau

Font at Easter

Derrick draws on his 27 years experience of climbing at the sandstone mecca of Fontainebleau

Shauna Coxsey on Levitation 7a


Dan Bradley shares his experience of climbing in the French bouldering mecca of Fontainebleau.

Alpkit Competition Wall

Building Walls

An ambitious new climbing centre is set to open in Derby with 1100 sq m of bouldering, roped climbing and a purpose built competition wall

Ben Meakin climbing hard

ROCfest 2014

ROCfest 2014 puts on a performance and we got involved with a team, prizes and a display of bouldering mats

Project Bouldering mat

Project bouldering mats
Large taco style bouldering mat with shoulder straps

Phud bouldering mat

Phud bouldering mats
Compact, affordable boulder mat; an ideal first pad

Mujo Bouldering mat

Mujo bouldering mats
Large, innovative hinged boulder mat

Font 5 + 6 guidebook

5+6 Fontainebleau
5+6 Fontainebleau bouldering guidebook

Cu update1
22 04 2014

A Climbing Unit update
The Climbing Unit 1 month in

Cwiff14 1
20 03 2014

CWIF 2014
visiting european climbers infiltrate CWIF 2014

19 03 2014

The Climbing Hangar UV party 2014
The Climbing Hangar climbing wall winter series finale

20140302 3466
03 03 2014

Building Walls
New climbing centre for Derby

Free boulder bucket
14 02 2014

Free Boulder Bucket
Free boulder bucket with Project Mutant

04 02 2014

The Climbing Unit update
Status update for new Derby climbing wall

Tcu opening2
10 03 2014

Climbing Unit grand opening
The Climbing Unit opening night

El Techo des Los Tres B 8a
03 03 2014

First time to Hueco
Tom Newman enjoys his first trip to Hueco Tanks

Points mean prizes
27 02 2014

Wirksworth Winter Bouldering Aggregate
Winning the Wirksworth winter bouldering

Rocfest 14
06 02 2014

ROCfest 2014
Team Alpkit compete in Manchester

Ben climbing in Kalymnos
07 06 2013

Three 8’s
Ben's mission to climb the three 8s

Ashleigh at Black Rocks
28 02 2013

Getting back into the swing of things

04 04 2014

Font at Easter
Deg's top tips for Font at Easter

Ice bivvy
15 11 2012

Your companion in adventure
Filo the go anywhere down jacket

Shauna Coxsey
01 03 2010

Bouldering in Fontainebleau.

20 08 2009

Bouldering festivals
The best bouldering festivals.

20 08 2009

Bouldering destinations
Worldclass bouldering venues.

06 07 2006

Tout a Blocs

Bens bucket
24 03 2014

Ben’s Boulder Bucket
Ben helps develop a new boulder bucket

10 03 2014

A call for help
Alpkit help Andy Kirkpatrick out

Gear shuttle
11 02 2014

Gear Shuttle Mule
We develop a new pack for Tom Newman's trip to the US

05 02 2014

Introducing Mutant bouldering mats
A new range of unique bouldering mats

Phud bouldering mat
13 09 2012

Phud II - Back to basics
A back to basics bouldering mat

11 01 2012

Alpkit factory New Year update
An New Year update from the factory floor

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