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Stem Cell


Stem mounted accessory bag

Glowe LED camping lantern



Lightweight, 170 lumen, backpacking, dual-function lantern

Large taco style bouldering mat with shoulder straps



Large taco style bouldering mat with shoulder straps




Ultralight bivvy bag/sleeping bag cover


Filo [Men] Nemo-Steel


Men's down jacket

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers



LED head torch

Phud bouldering mat



Compact, lightweight full taco pad

Rig 3.5 lightweight nylon tarp

Rig 3.5


Solo Lightweight Tarp

Trinity LED camping lantern



190 lumen, dual-function, camping LED lantern




Versatile 3-4 person 4 season mountain tent

5 metre's of tuff tape

Stormsure Tuff Tape


Clear adhesive tape to fix your damaged gear

Heavy duty dry bags

Airlok XTra


Extra strong dry bags with added attachment points

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Coasteering Anglesey
27 08 2014

Swimming with sea monsters
Coasteering in Anglesey

21 08 2014

Enchantress 7C+
Ben ticks another 7C+

Lakes 1
20 08 2014

Lake District Misadventure
A wet weekend bikepacking first try!

21 08 2014

Rips, cuts and tears
Waterproof repairs on the go

Miscericorde, Font 8A
19 08 2014

How high is too high?
Bouldering within your limits

Dan Bradley
18 08 2014

Equipment for deep water soloing
Equipment for deep water soloing

10 07 2014

Ekins on the Zhota
Alex Ekins reports back on using the Zhota tent

Cuttlefish saddle side view
09 05 2014

Dual Airloks arrive with a surprise
A Cuttlefish lurks beneath

Jims wrt cockpit setup
09 05 2014

WRT Follow Up
Jim looks at bike cockpit set ups

Mens Final
01 09 2014

DWS Exeter makes a big splash
The UKs first deep water soloing competition

Ossseries title
19 08 2014

OSS Adventure Swims
Outdoor Swimming Society adventure series

Cu sbs13
18 08 2014

Climbing Unit SBS 2014 end
The Climbing Unit finishes its first bouldering series