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Finding our way in the Holyland

By Paul Errington
07, May, 2014

Toward the end of 2013 Paul heard about a new bikepacking event, a 1300km self supported race across Israel

Finding our way in the Holyland

Toward the end of 2013 Paul heard about a new bikepacking event, a 1300km self supported race across Israel

Steve enjoying real mountain biking in the Welsh countryside

WRT 2014 - In at the deep end

Steve steps out his comfort zone to experience his first time bikepacking on the Welsh Ride Thing

Sunny winters morning in Mid Wales

There n Back

The Kanga and Airlok XTra combo removes the faff from a chilli winter start in Mid Wales

Doing battle on the beach

Vin’s Battle on the Beach 2014

Bike racing battles on the beach

Scott stops for a brew on a bike packing trip.

What is Bikepacking

Bikepacking is cycle touring off-road, a discipline that has been around as long as people have been riding bikes. However its recent popularity can be linked inextricably to the explosion of lightweight equipment available now.


Designed for the outdoor professional this head torch is powerful and packed full with features

Compact 120 lumen headtorch


Ultralight bivvy bag/sleeping bag cover

Yellow Stem Cell

Stem Cell
Stem mounted accessory bag

3 sizes, 5 colours

A 3 sizes fit most standard frames

Rig 7 lightweight nylon tarp

Rig 7
Lightweight waterproof tarp with lifters

MytiMug 750 ml Titanium mug with a lid.

A perfectly sized titanium mug with a lid


Lightweight seat pack

Yellow Fuel Pod

Fuel Pod
Top tube mounted zip closure bag



The Arrowhead 135 Ultra is a challenging endurance event. Temperatures drop as low as -50 ºC and racers must carry a mandatory amount of food, water and gear to cover a potential 3 days and 2 nights outdoors. Alpkit athletes Paul Errington and Lee Peyton have both tackled the event by bike and by foot, here is some of the kit they used.

Fat Bike Stingray frame bag

Fat Bike Stingray
Custom-made frame bag for your fat bike

Yellow Stem Cell

Stem Cell
Stem mounted accessory bag

Yellow Fuel Pod

Fuel Pod
Top tube mounted zip closure bag


Lightweight seat pack


Tcr main
06 08 2014

Ready for the Transcontinental Race
Cross Europe bike race, over 2000 miles from London to Istanbul

Microadventure 800 535auto
19 06 2014

#MyDads Adventure Winner
We loved all the entries but one stood out!

27 03 2014

In Search of Peaty
Ed Oxley, Andy McKenna and Benji Haworth film biking in the Scottish highlands

05 03 2014

Bike luggage videos
how to fit and measure up Alpkit bike luggage

Chappellbike 1
25 02 2014

Emily Chappell
preparing for 4,000 miles in North America

Winter bike packing.
25 11 2013

New bike packing range online
A range of new bike packing luggage

Lakes 1
20 08 2014

Lake District Misadventure
A wet weekend bikepacking first try!

06 08 2014

In the midst of summer, dreaming of winter, Emily Chappell looks back at her time in Iceland

Evening ride1
25 07 2014

Bivvy on a work night?
Friends 20km riding and a discreet bivvy

Paul 3-1
25 07 2014

Holyland MTB Challenge - The desert dash and the finish line
The third and final instalment of Paul's Israel ride

Paul e - 3
22 07 2014

Holyland MTB Challenge - Sun, Sea and Jerusalem
Part 2 - Paul's MTB Israel

03 06 2014

Dorset Gravel Dash
Gravel racing comes to the UK with the Dorset Gravel Dash

Bikepacking time trial
04 10 2013

Bear Bones 200
One of the UK’s toughest mountain bike events.

Bikepacking with Scott Swalling
19 08 2013

What is Bikepacking
Overnight rides with your camping kit.

31 01 2013

6 Fat Tyres… and Lee’s 2 feet.

20 08 2010

Fish out of Water
SingleTrack go bikepacking.

20 08 2009

Bikepacking talk
From the Welsh Ride Thing to the Iditarod.

20 08 2008

Bikepacking links
Get inspired for bikepacking

Cuttlefish saddle side view
09 05 2014

Dual Airloks arrive with a surprise
A Cuttlefish lurks beneath

Jims wrt cockpit setup
09 05 2014

WRT Follow Up
Jim looks at bike cockpit set ups

Dsc 0944
12 03 2014

Zhota world travels
The tent big on liveable space

Paul stemcell 01
04 03 2014

Stem Cell Research
New developments for the Stem Cell

Gourdon 20
17 01 2014

Gourdon 20 Used and Abused
How has it lasted this long?

Testing times
02 07 2013

Bike Packing Luggage Developments
New Bike Packing Luggage

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