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Daring Deeds

Mycamino 14
06 07 2016

The Camino Report - part 3
The bike now in my life I look at the performance hitting the trails of Norway

28 06 2016

The Wild West of Lima - part 2
Heading out into the mountains around Lima can only lead to adventure

Mycamino 6
28 06 2016

The Camino Report - part 2
Returning home to Norway with the Camino, the slow route.

Nicky db1
21 06 2016

Double Bob Graham
Taking on the classic Bob Graham round, twice.

16 06 2016

The Wild West of Lima - part 1
Deepest, darkest Peru, on two wheels... readjusting and finding those wheels

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27 06 2016

How to choose a waterproof jacket
Ashleigh puts waterproofs under the Spotlight and explains what those long numbers and acronyms mean

Ap b-packing into best - 1 of 69
27 06 2016

Adventure Pedlars - A company born out of a 20,000km bike ride:
Pete and Alice rode around the world and then decided they wanted to help other people see the world from a bicycle.

02 06 2016

Catch Nature off Guard
You are never really going to see what nature’s up to, unless you’re prepared to sleep out amongst it.

18 05 2016

Bikepacking what to pack
Dan recently completed the South Lakes 100, 100 miles of Lake District trails, 90% off-road, here's the kit he used.

09 05 2016

Running the coast
Catching up with Elise as she passes the half-way point of her big run around the coast of Britain.

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05 07 2016

Where do we get our waterproof fabrics from, and why?
Our approach to fabric selection allows us to make better garments that meet our performance, ethical and environmental requirements.

Alpkit nov 15 shoot- c0a4353
15 06 2016

New Swimming Wetsuits
Test samples of Terrapin, a lower buoyancy wetsuit, and Silver Tip, a thermal fleece lined wetsuit, are appearing round the country and due in stock in the autumn

17 05 2016

Bivvy Bag development
Development for our new Alpkit hooped bivvy hit a problem when the new super-light, breathable fabric we were using turned out to be not breathable enough...

Stem Cell bike luggage
20 04 2016

2016 bike luggage dev part 3
The Stem Cell range is expanding to include 4 models

Laika akutian
18 04 2016

Midlayer developments
Coming soon an extended range of versatile mid-layers for all year round use

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Screen shot 2016-07-26 at 15.18.38
26 07 2016

Hexthorpe Social Enterprise CIC
Hexthorpe Social Enterprise CIC would like to get more families outdoors, to reinforce and strengthen bonds in families who are experiencing difficulty and financial barriers

26 07 2016

A Summer French Divide
With plans for Tour Divide on hold, this summer the Pips have decided they'll be mainly on a 2200km French Divide

Screen shot 2016-07-25 at 16.36.28
25 07 2016

The Astley Cooper School
The Astley Cooper School would like to extend their Duke of Edinburgh provision, and need help in purchasing equipment for students so they can take part

Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 15.30.21
22 07 2016

Supporting Sheffield City Council
Sheffield City Council would like to set up a project, ESCAPE, so that every child can access a Peak District experience during their school years.

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20 07 2016

Bernard the AlpBear
Back in June Bernard the AlpBear packed his bag and went off adventuring

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