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Daring Deeds

© JKinsley
16 11 2017

Biking in the Blood
One family's love of biking and their trusty gear

© Alpkit
15 11 2017

The Bearded Runner: Sierra Nevada
Adventure, climbing and hiking enthusiast Alex (AKA the Bearded Runner) makes a long-awaited pilgrimage to Yosemite

John Ross
13 11 2017

OMM 2017
Taking on the Elite course small elements can build and contrive to slow you down

© RSipos
13 11 2017

A Bike Ride through Romania
Richard tells us a bit about his trip to Romania and sent us some photos of his bike gear in action.

Tom Allen
08 11 2017

Traversing the Geghama Mountains [Part 2]
Creative nomad, Tom Allen, quests to traverse a lesser chartered mountain range, and climb its highest peak whilst he's at it...

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© Alpkit
21 11 2017

A Weekend of Wonders
Our favourites from Kendal Mountain Festival 2017

© Alpkit
25 10 2017

Hati’s Stovetop Dahl (with Chapatis!)
Campsite envy guaranteed with this super simple hearty veggie dish!

© RowanW
20 10 2017

UK Hot Hill Haunts
Why go to the Alps and Norway when you can go the Scotland and the Lakes? Okay, we do love those far-flung places, but sometimes nothing beats our own boggy island...

© Alpkit
19 10 2017

Hillwalking Kit List
With such beautiful hillwalking destinations nearby, there's no excuse not to get out on the hill! Don't forget these vital bits of kit...

© Alpkit
18 10 2017

Winter Camping 2017
Keep getting out and about over winter with the Alpkit team's top tips...

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© Alpkit
10 11 2017

Performance Days, Munich
What we learned on our whistle-stop trip to Munich to research lots (and lots) of fabrics

© Alpkit
03 11 2017

The low-down on Polygiene™
A treatment for your clothes that means they don’t get smelly when you’re working hard, surely there’s a catch? We grilled our design team to get the low-down.

© Alpkit
28 09 2017

Argonaut Waterproof Jacket
Tackling preconceptions: expensive technical waterproofs don't have to be expensive.

16 06 2017

UK-made climbing packs
Made in Nottingham: Ibex and Chamois - the only climbing packs you'll ever need.

Rando Shropshire Sonder
26 05 2017

Branching out with the Rando Range
With seamless welded construction, this range is designed to meet a different set of bike luggage requirements

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21 11 2017

Wild Wolf Explorer Scout Unit
Breaking down financial barriers to help young people venture out of the big city and into the outdoors

©Cameron Grant Memorial Trust
25 10 2017

Cameron Grant Memorial Trust Night Walk
Catching up with the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust to find out all about how their third annual Night Walk went

23 10 2017

Hollingworth Lake Activity Centre
Subsidised climbing and Archery sessions for school pupils at Hollingworth Lake Activity Centre

19 10 2017

Win a 4 night residential in Snowdonia
Applications open for a free of charge week-long residential with Snowdonia-based Boulder Adventures for your school or youth group, through the Alpkit Foundation.

17 10 2017

Hurly Burly - The Pioneer Year report
We joined the Outdoor Swimming Society for the very first Hurly Burly

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