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Daring Deeds

© Pip
30 11 2017

Pip, Buster and Pips Dad
Pip, Buster and Pip's Dad take on the Coast to Coast and plan to take on the Cape Wrath Trail

© JKinsley
16 11 2017

Biking in the Blood
One family's love of biking and their trusty gear

© Alpkit
15 11 2017

Back in Black
Night riding, losing vision and revisiting an old hobby to face a new fear in preparation for my next fat biking adventure

© Alpkit
15 11 2017

The Bearded Runner: Sierra Nevada
Adventure, climbing and hiking enthusiast Alex (AKA the Bearded Runner) makes a long-awaited pilgrimage to Yosemite

John Ross
13 11 2017

OMM 2017
Taking on the Elite course small elements can build and contrive to slow you down

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© Alpkit
08 12 2017

Getting the Winter Miles in
Fighting off the winter lethargy and getting out into the hills with the Alpkit Running club

© Alpkit
21 11 2017

A Weekend of Wonders
Our favourites from Kendal Mountain Festival 2017

© Alpkit
25 10 2017

Hati’s Stovetop Dahl (with Chapatis!)
Campsite envy guaranteed with this super simple hearty veggie dish!

© RowanW
20 10 2017

UK Hot Hill Haunts
Why go to the Alps and Norway when you can go the Scotland and the Lakes? Okay, we do love those far-flung places, but sometimes nothing beats our own boggy island...

© Alpkit
19 10 2017

Hillwalking Kit List
With such beautiful hillwalking destinations nearby, there's no excuse not to get out on the hill! Don't forget these vital bits of kit...

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© Alpkit
07 12 2017

The deal with Microfibres
Alpkit are proud to be collaborating with research on the microfibres issue, we caught up with Ronnie from the design team to find out more about the problem and how we can prevent it

© Alpkit
10 11 2017

Performance Days, Munich
What we learned on our whistle-stop trip to Munich to research lots (and lots) of fabrics

© Alpkit
03 11 2017

The low-down on Polygiene™
A treatment for your clothes that means they don’t get smelly when you’re working hard, surely there’s a catch? We grilled our design team to get the low-down.

© Alpkit
28 09 2017

Argonaut Waterproof Jacket
Tackling preconceptions: expensive technical waterproofs don't have to be expensive.

16 06 2017

UK-made climbing packs
Made in Nottingham: Ibex and Chamois - the only climbing packs you'll ever need.

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11 12 2017

2017 TGO Reader Award winners
A 5th Online Retailer of the Year award and highly commended for Brand of the Year.

11 12 2017

Product recall - Brukit Jackal and Brukit Wolf burner unit
Important safety information for owners of Brukit Jackal and Brukit Wolf stoves

06 12 2017

Survival Skills for Girl Guides
Catching up with Girl Guiding Derbyshire to discover how they got on at Glenbrook Outdoor Activity Centre for their Survival skills activity day

05 12 2017

2018 Ticket Release Radar
Get these events on the your radar for 2018! (Yes, we're thinking about 2018 already...)

01 12 2017

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon
We are delighted to announce the we will be supporting the 2018 Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon.

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