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Daring Deeds

26 10 2016

Uskedalen calling
Finding the perfect tonic, incommunicado in Norway

24 10 2016

Rara Hurrah
Riding into those hard to reach places leaves you breathless, in more ways than one.

Sweden e1 5
09 10 2016

A change of pace
The frost clings to my feet... It is more Winter than Autumn

03 10 2016

To the Montañas…
Discovering my lost love of running out in the heat and altitude of the high mountains around Lima

29 09 2016

Alpine Igloo
Heading into Alpine backcountry with an Icebox Igloo maker

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26 10 2016

The base of all layering
Start from a good base from which to build up your flexible layering solutions

24 10 2016

Layering system
Layering up is the best way to be flexible and take more control over the conditions.

Dave's intro and a husky
14 10 2016

Crazy arctic nights and pulling on the trail tights
Straight from Svalbard to support, Dave tells us all about his life up till now.

19 08 2016

Moskstraumen Maelstrom
Attempting to swim across the two largest whirlpools in the world and not meet Captain Nemo.

Getaway home
19 08 2016

The Perfect Getaway Guide
Make sure you're not leaving things till the last minute, even for those long weekends!

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13 09 2016

Primaloft garments this Winter
We have 2 garments due out this winter developed around Primalofts latest synthetic insulation.

05 07 2016

Where do we get our waterproof fabrics from, and why?
Our approach to fabric selection allows us to make better garments that meet our performance, ethical and environmental requirements.

Alpkit nov 15 shoot- c0a4353
15 06 2016

New Swimming Wetsuits
Test samples of Terrapin, a lower buoyancy wetsuit, and Silver Tip, a thermal fleece lined wetsuit, are appearing round the country and due in stock in the autumn

17 05 2016

Bivvy Bag development
Development for our new Alpkit hooped bivvy hit a problem when the new super-light, breathable fabric we were using turned out to be not breathable enough...

Stem Cell bike luggage
20 04 2016

2016 bike luggage dev part 3
The Stem Cell range is expanding to include 4 models

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30 09 2016

Keeping up with the exchange rate fluctuations
You may have noticed our prices have gone up a smidge, where is the value in that?

Bso16 25
28 09 2016

Big Shakeout Shakedown 2016
Time to rest after another awesome weekend of adventure and entertainment

17 09 2016

Final sale weekend creates backlog
A busy week ahead for the despatch team has orders backing up and may mean some short delays

Garment tech
22 08 2016

Wanted: Garment Technologist
We are looking for someone who geeks out over outdoor clothing

Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 12.24.33
11 08 2016

Helping Kids Complete their Bronze DofE
St Johns School would like 5 of their disadvantaged students to undertake the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award

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