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Daring Deeds

© John Roberts
19 10 2018

Salbit Westgrat - Alpine Training at its Best
Trainee Mountain Guide Tom Ripley goes for the 'best E1 in Europe'

© Anna Wells
17 10 2018

Mont Blanc in a day
Alpkiteer Anna Wells heads off to climb Mont Blanc in a single day

© Alpkit
11 10 2018

Project Grandmas
David and Daisy aimed to cycle to Grandmas for their biggest ride yet on the tandem.

© AthleteAdventure
09 10 2018

The Iceland National Trail: Part 2
Returning from his attempt to establish Icelands' first National Trail, Ben Turner takes us back to one memorable day

© Teuchters on Tour
18 09 2018

Teuchters on Tour
Lessons learned so far: Cycle touring back home to Scotland from northern Norway and raising money for the Alpkit Foundation

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© Alpkit
19 10 2018

Handy Glove Guide
We like to keep our hands well-protected when we’re out on an adventure, so here’s our guide to which glove will meet your hand-protecting needs…

© Alpkit
18 10 2018

How to choose a waterproof jacket
The rainy season has arrived... Be prepared with AK's guide to choosing which waterproof jacket to buy

© Alpkit
26 09 2018

How to choose a head torch
Autumn has truly arrived, but that doesn't mean the end of long evenings outdoors. Here's our guide to buying the best head torch for your needs

© Alpkit
21 08 2018

Supporting the Silk Road Race
Marketing man Dan talks endurance cycling events, Alpkiteers and dot-watching

Take a hike
10 08 2018

Tips for using our lightweight Alpkit walking poles
Trekking poles can help reduce fatigue when you are out walking, all the better for getting you walking further, for longer

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© Alpkit
18 10 2018

The Squalline Story
Gabe on the twists and turns of developing the Squalline jacket, our new showerproof, packable run/ride shell, made for UK conditions

© Alpkit
26 09 2018

Illuminating our Head Torch Development
We're on a mission to extend the summer. Step 1: develop a new range of head torches to brighten up the evenings. Rowan from the design team tells us more.

© Alpkit
19 09 2018

Keeshond Hybrid Fleece
Ronnie tells us how high loft + grid fleece = a hybrid jacket for the ultimate warmth, breathability, and the snuggle factor

© Alpkit
18 07 2018

Bags more packs in our range
The cat's out of the bag! Well, sort of anyway... (last pun, we promise!). Product Designer Ronnie gives us the inside story on our new range of backpacks

© Alpkit
30 05 2018

Gripping Developments In Gloves
After months of walking round HQ measuring people’s hands, the design team finally spill the beans on the development of our new glove range

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12 10 2018

Ireland To Asia: A Year On My Bike
Sean Hoban is on a once in a lifetime cycle adventure from Ireland to Asia

09 10 2018

Big Shakedown 2018
Another year, another full house at the Big Shakeout weekend to help sign off the summer and set up the colder months ahead

05 10 2018

Alpkit Foundation Research Grant
We are accepting applications for a £5000 research grant for projects that address one (or more) key challenges that face the outdoor industry

Bridge Collective
19 09 2018

Valuing time with others
Organising a woodland weekend for members of a mental health peer support project.

17 09 2018

Erb’s Palsy Group Go Climbing
The EPG give children with Erb's Palsy an introduction to climbing and caving on their annual fun day for affected families

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