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Daring Deeds

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12 07 2018

Gipsy Anniversary
Alpkiteers Daniela and Paulo have been over to El Chorro, Spain to set new Trad routes

© Alpkit
05 07 2018

Running Up and Falling Down
Team Alpkit had quite the adventure during this years instalment of SLMM, here's their account of the weekend

Dom Bush
29 06 2018

Talking Torridon Tales 2
Delights of awesome climbs, midgies, but a need to respect our privileges.

Dom Bush
29 06 2018

Talking Torridon Tales
A last minute change of filming plans puts the Scottish highlands on a par with the Alps

Anna Wells
16 06 2018

Adventures with Dad
Early trips into the outdoor with the family led to a love that even topped Disneyland!

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25 06 2018

A Lake District Guide to Hike-A-Biking
Carrying your bike up a Lakeland mountain? Really? Hike-a-biking gives you access to some of the Lakelands best downhill riding, local guide and store hero, Lucy, explains how to do it safely

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22 06 2018

Now is the Time to Swim
Share in the joy and adventure of swimming outdoors with these tips and inspiration from our Alpkiteers: the whys, hows, and wheres of wild swimming...

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20 06 2018

Handy Glove Guide
We like to keep our hands well-protected when we’re out on an adventure, so here’s our guide to which glove will meet your hand-protecting needs…

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08 06 2018

How to Prepare for a Mountain Marathon
With less than a month to go until the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon, Dom and Hati share their tips for being super prepared on race day

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01 06 2018

6 Ways to Pitch a Tarp
Don't tie yourself in knots and or get tangled in your tarp on your next camp trip, just take a look at our 6 top tarp setups before you go!

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30 05 2018

Gripping Developments
After months of walking round HQ measuring people’s hands, the design team finally spill the beans on the development of our new glove range

© Alpkit
04 05 2018

New UK-Made Bike Luggage Range
New developments in our UK-made bikepacking luggage (including the new Exo-Rail), direct from our product team!

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15 03 2018

Light, Strong, Simple: the Oryx Backpack
A 500 g, 35 L alpine climbing pack for £75? Are we mad? Well, we like to call it innovative. Here's Nick with the designer's story behind the fast and light Oryx...

© Alpkit
09 03 2018

Our New Gaiter Range
We're launching into the world of gaiters (no, not the scaly ones with big teeth) to instil happiness in everyone's feet. The design team explain the thinking behind the range.

© Alpkit
05 02 2018

What is Merino Wool?
We follow Designer Ronnie around the office until she tells us what is so great about nature's technical fibre

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12 07 2018

Dozers for the Ashford Winter Night Shelter
Providing shelter, food and support for the homeless people of Ashford over the Winter months

25 06 2018

Winner announced for the SLMM Competition
Winners announced for our Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon competition, they'll be joining the Alpkit team this weekend in the Lake District!

22 06 2018

Outdoor Learning at Sylva Wood Centre
Oxfordshire schoolchildren have been getting their hands dirty and planting trees at the Sylva Wood Centre's outdoor learning site

19 06 2018

Adventures for Life Skills
15 year old Elizabeth is heading on a Scottish adventure to build life skills for the future

15 06 2018

Sea Kayaking Iceland
A team of 5 students organising a Sea Kayaking Expedition in Iceland to research human impacts on remote coastlines.

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