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Daring Deeds

Trailquest checkpoint
12 12 2016

Tandem Trailquest
Kenny and Ashleigh double up to enter their first Trailquest on the Sonder Cahoot tandem

Nowhere 1
07 12 2016

Here, not elsewhere
Thoughts of distances melt into a freedom of running day by day

07 12 2016

The Ascent of Nanda Devi
H. W. ‘Bill’ Tilman was one of the greatest adventurers of his time.

Sneedham basquetrip 026
30 11 2016

Pyrenees Traverse – Mules, Munitions and Million Star Hotels.
A 6 day traverse of the iconic Pyrenees Mountains with Basque MTB

18 11 2016

I continue on through Europe meeting the most amazing people, Germany closing in quickly

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20 01 2017

Which Shell
Whether you try to or not, sometimes you just can't avoid the wind and rain!

28 12 2016

2016 review
Taking a quick look back at the main goings on through 2016

07 12 2016

New Primaloft Insulation for 2016
Why we use different Primaloft Insulations.

Kendal basecamp.
16 11 2016

Kendal Mountain Festival 2016
Come say Hi at the festival and see shiny new kit

10 11 2016

Hut Living
Ditching the tent and sharing a common destination with many others that have headed out into the wilds.

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03 11 2016

The new Definition waterproof jacket
The Definition is our top of the range waterproof that can handle whatever you want to throw at it, but what's with 12 years in the making?

01 11 2016

Seat pack developments
New out of the factory, our expedition seat pack and a lighter, smaller Koala for bikes with less clearance

13 09 2016

Primaloft garments this Winter
We have 2 garments due out this winter developed around Primalofts latest synthetic insulation.

05 07 2016

Where do we get our waterproof fabrics from, and why?
Our approach to fabric selection allows us to make better garments that meet our performance, ethical and environmental requirements.

Alpkit nov 15 shoot- c0a4353
15 06 2016

New Swimming Wetsuits
Test samples of Terrapin, a lower buoyancy wetsuit, and Silver Tip, a thermal fleece lined wetsuit, are appearing round the country and due in stock in the autumn

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20 01 2017

Building opportunities within DofE
Increasing provisions to open up opportunities for young people to take on the D of E award.

Gravitas aleks1
13 01 2017

Gravitas across Europe
Travelling light and fast and putting a waterproof through plenty of miles

06 01 2017

Sewing machinists wanted
We're going to need a bigger team! Come help us with our UK manufacturing.

06 01 2017

Noah’s Ark project
Building a hide, tools & equipment for kids to enjoy woodland learning experiences.

Go Nice Places Do Good Things
30 12 2016

See you in 2017
Tools down, let's raise a toast to 2016

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