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Daring Deeds

Vagrant Hotel
08 10 2015

Little Chamonix to Big Chamonix
I had an interview to get to, it's only 1500km

Jacobs Ladder
05 10 2015

Edale - Classic 30k Loop
Peak District Classic loop

Oss dunvegan1
02 10 2015

Swimming Loch Dunvegan to Dunvegan Castle

29 09 2015

Filming the history of climbing at Armathwaite crag along the River Eden

Buoyancy in a swim specific wetsuit
10 09 2015

Sink or swim
Kenny wades in beyond his waist and braves the open water with our Lotic open water wetsuit

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02 09 2015

Socks, lights, poles, rucksacks, sleeping bags and bikes
We are never standing still here at Alpkit, here is a preview of what is coming in over the next few months

19 08 2015

Eating Out - Alfresco Summer Dining
The sun is still in the sky at tea time, take the opportunity to eat outside - Season with a pinch of adventure to suit your own taste.

Take a hike
17 08 2015

Take a hike
Trekking poles can help reduce fatigue when you are out walking, Jay runs through tips to get you walking further for longer

13 08 2015

Gear Chooser: Gamma vs. Prism 100
Two close contenders - which is best for you?

Toria ski
04 08 2015

The life of a seasonnaire
After returning from the Alps for the winter I was at a bit of a loose end as I didn’t really know where to go next. I’ve spent the past 8 years living the life of a seasonnaire, including 3 years of uni.

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Cairngorm gear testing
27 02 2015

Alpkit Bikepacking - Little steps…
Small developments happen every day in the Alpkit factory, Ben runs through some of these

25 02 2015

Sleeping bags 2015
Jay asks - What sleeping bags are coming and why have we chosen them?

12 02 2015

Mantas are sold out? What’s coming next…
Jay manages to pin down Nick to find out exactly what is going on with head torches and lanterns this year?

Merino header
03 02 2015

Ask Nick - Alpkit Baselayers
Getting ready for an active 2015 ahead with some tasty base layers

Sleeping bag
29 12 2014

Alpkit - What’s coming in 2015?
Nick has been working away at the 2015 range of products - we take a quick look at what is coming

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Bso15 9
28 09 2015

Big Shakedown 2015
Some important thank you's for the 5th Big Shakeout weekend as we look back on another successful edition

04 09 2015

FixeRoca Siurana rope tested
Ramon Marin gives the rope a real testing across a variety of climbing styles

Dart 10k
27 08 2015

Dart 10K - OSS Event
A 10km swim ending at Dittisham

Video wall
05 08 2015

Alpkit Foundation needs you
We are looking for one of our customers to be a trustee of our newly formed charity the Alpkit Foundation

05 08 2015

Doubling up
The Alpkit mountain tandem gets it first test run in the hills

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