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Daring Deeds

17 04 2019

The Beast
Steve tells us all about his new, shiny, custom titanium fat bike

17 04 2019

Unexpected turns and hidden talents
Bob's story of how finding and adapting the right kit has opened the door to a new world of adventure

Somewhere in Brecon
11 04 2019

Adventures by Land & Sea
From moonlighting in yachts to skiing in a whiteout

03 04 2019

A Hill In Holland
Rich and Tom Seipp manage to find a hill in Holland for another Everesting challenge

28 03 2019

The Mongol 100 Fat Bike Trip
Adam Templeman Completes The Mongol 100 on a Fat Bike

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12 04 2019

Dirty Reiver 2019
We're off to the Dirty Reiver - here's the bikes our guys will be rocking

19 03 2019

Rehydrating your dehydrated camping food
Which stove is best for cooking your camping food, we turn up the heat and boil it down

21 02 2019

Apricot, cranberry and walnut cereal bar
Dan's mother-in-law's not-so-secret recipe for nutritional cereal bars to keep you going on your adventures

15 02 2019

How to choose a swimming wetsuit
Looking to buy an open water swimming wetsuit? Give our guide a read for some tips for choosing the right one.

15 02 2019

How to boulder like a pro…
We asked our expert Alpkiteers about their top training techniques for bouldering

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18 03 2019

How often do you wash your socks?
Customer Support Manager, Ashleigh, went out to the Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair in Munich to talk about reducing water consumption through clothing choice, here's the low-down

08 03 2019

New Sonder Transmitter: Q&A with Neil Sutton
Sonder Bike Guru Neil talks us through the new Sonder Transmitter: fun defined and redefined

11 02 2019

Our New Bouldering Pads
We've redesigned our UK-made bouldering mats! Our UK factory designer, Hebe, talks us through the changes

22 10 2018

The scoop on softshell
Ronnie gives us the inside story on why and how we developed the new softshell Resolute Jacket and Ardent Trousers

18 10 2018

The Squalline Story
Gabe on the twists and turns of developing the Squalline jacket, our new showerproof, packable run/ride shell, made for UK conditions

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18 04 2019

Wanted - Factory Manager
We need a Manager who can inspire, lead and grow a small but amazing team of makers

17 04 2019

Wanted - Sewing Machinist
Do you love outdoor kit so much you want to make it? Join our UK factory and bring the passion of what you love doing to the products to help others get out to go nice places and do good things.

17 04 2019

Nat Spring: 40 Day Wellbeing Challenge
After sustaining a head injury, Nat Spring is on the road to recovery and improve his wellbeing

16 04 2019

Join us for the long easter weekend.
Pop into one of our stores over the long weekend or keep an eye out for our Easter Treasure Hunt

14 04 2019

Dirty Reiver 2019
The 2019 edition of the Dirty Reiver has come and gone. As well as the usual Alpkit feed station we had 3 staff and an Alpkiteer riding the event, here's what happened and how they all got on.

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