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Daring Deeds

25 07 2019

The Proof of the Pudding
The importance of testing your set up when preparing for a trip

05 08 2019

A bloody long way North
Bush whack, bailing, classic climbing and a long way to the north of Norway

05 08 2019

Rich and Tom Siepp Pre-Tour Divide ride
So, after years of thinking about riding the Tour Divide, our bags are packed and we are ready to ride.

18 07 2019

The year of the Bob
Last year I set myself 9 months to train and complete the Bob Graham Round. I made a film about it.

19 06 2019

Highland Trail 550 - 2019
Stu Taylor'sreport from the downright brutal 2019 HT550

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06 08 2019

How to choose a head torch
Shorter days doesn't have to mean the end of long evenings outdoors. Here's our guide to buying the best head torch for your needs

10 07 2019

How to Choose the Right Type of Camping Stove Gas
Not all gas is created equal so we've made a handy guide to answer all those burning questions about gas

24 06 2019

Choosing a 4 season tent
Inner pitching or outer pitching? Geodesic or tunnel? This guide will help you through the process of buying tent which will keep you well-sheltered in any weather.

11 06 2019

Cuillin Ridge Traverse: Ten Top Tips
Alpkiteers Tom Ripley and Anna Wells give their top tips and insights into tackling the revered Cullin Ridge Traverse.

03 06 2019

Mountain Marathon Tips and Advice
With less than a month to go until the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon, we ask our Alpkit runners for some top tips and advice

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17 07 2019

Ronnie makes it better
Self confessed ‘fabric geek’ Ronnie tells us a bit about being design manager.

16 07 2019

Making Clothes for Movement
Designer Ronnie tells us about the process behind developing our new summer 2019 Made for Movement collection

18 03 2019

How often do you wash your socks?
Customer Support Manager, Ashleigh, went out to the Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair in Munich to talk about reducing water consumption through clothing choice, here's the low-down

08 03 2019

New Sonder Transmitter: Q&A with Neil Sutton
Sonder Bike Guru Neil talks us through the new Sonder Transmitter: fun defined and redefined

11 02 2019

Our New Bouldering Pads
We've redesigned our UK-made bouldering mats! Our UK factory designer, Hebe, talks us through the changes

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17 08 2019

Ice Stupa Project
Creating life supporting artificial glaciers for local Himalayan communities

09 08 2019

Wise Up Residential
Alpkit Foundation support Wise Up CIC as they plan their first Residential weekend

07 08 2019

Alpkit Foundation help Southampton Sight get children with sight loss enjoying the outdoors

02 08 2019

UPDATE: Ocean Revival 2020
Royal Marines raising awareness for the plastic destroying our oceans with an epic row across the North Atlantic.

31 07 2019

Wanted: Studio Photographer
We are looking for a studio photographer and videographer to join our creative team.

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