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Will my boulder mat fit in my car?

If you have an estate car or ‘station wagon’ you are sure to have no problem with any of our mats. If you have a sporty hatch you may want to measure it up before finding out you can’t take all your friends bouldering and take your favourite pad! This page lists cars we know of where you don't need to fold down the rear seat to get it in the boot. The Project is our biggest mat followed by Mujo and Phud, so if a Project fits you can assume the others will. If you know of other cars with small boots let us know.


  • New BMW Mini - 3 door (back seats down)
  • Renault Clio 


  • Ford Focus
  • Toyota Avensis
  • Peugeot 306
  • Golf Mk VI
  • BMW Mini Cooper


Updated: May 02, 2007

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