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Why does this product contain DownTek and not others?

A great change is coming to Alpkit!

Not really, we’re just changing which water repellent down we use. In fact, the hawk-eyed among you may have noticed that some of our down products use DownTek Water Repellent down, whereas others use Nikwax Hydrophobic. That’s because we’re currently changing over to DownTek down… so what’s the difference?

In terms of performance, you won’t see any change in your sleeping bag or jacket. Like Nikwax Hydrophobic, DownTek treated down absorbs less water than untreated down and retains loft in damp and humid conditions to keep you better insulated.

It’s also Bluesign approved, PFC, PFOa and PFOS free, and uses RDS-certified down.

No drop in performance, less miles

The main difference is the distance your down has to travel before it gets to you.

Before now, our down has been plucked in China, shipped to Nikwax in Germany for treatment, shipped back to China for stuffing into bags, then shipped to AKHQ for us to send it out to you.

DownTek Water Repellent down is treated in China, which means it travels from China to the UK, and that’s it. Hurrah!

As we sell through stock over the next few months, we’ll be introducing more DownTek down into our range.

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

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