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Which wheelset for which Sonder Bike?

Buying wheels for your bike can be pretty baffling. Here are the bikes that you can stick your wheelset onto.

Love Mud Wheelset Which Sonder Bike?
LM Orbit Camino Al, Camino Ti, Colibri
LM Volution Camino Al, Camino Ti
LM Hobo 29er Broken Road, Frontier
LM Rumpus 650b+ 100/142 None of our Sonder Bikes
LM Rumpus 650b+ boost Broken Road, Frontier, Transmitter, Transmitter Carbon
LM Hurly Burly Vir Fortis
LM Hullabaloo 650b/b+ Frontier, Transmitter Carbon, Transmitter, Broken Road
LM Hullabaloo fat Vir Fortis

Updated: May 16, 2017

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