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What size Airlok for my sleeping bag or down jacket?

When stuffing your sleeping bag in to the dry bag be gentle with the opening. This is the most fragile part of the bag, so avoid twisting it or putting undue stress on the internal plastic strip so it maintains a good seal when rolled.

If you intend to keep the sleeping bag in the provided compression bag rather than stuffing it straight in to the drybag you will have to choose a larger size due to the size of the opening.

Rowan from the design team spent a load of time stuff things into our Airlok dry bags here are his findings...

Which insulation into which bag?
Airlok size (litres)
Fit notes
Optimal dry bag size (litres)
Sleeping Bags
Mountain Ghost 140 4    
Mountain Ghost 200 8    
Mountain Ghost 300 13    
Cloud Cover 3    
Skyehigh 500 8    
Skyehigh 500 L 8 Tight  
Skyehigh 700 12 Loose  
Skyehigh 700 L 12    
Skyehigh 900 13    
Skyehigh 900 L 13 Tight  
Pipedream 200 3 Tight  
Pipedream 200 L 4    
Pipedream 400 6    
Pipedream 400 L 6    
Pipedream 600 12 Loose 10
Pipedream 600 L 12 Loose 10
AlpineDream 800 13    
AlpineDream 1000 20    
ArcticDream 1200 20    
AlpineDream 1400 20 Tight  
Down Jackets
Heiko Vest 3 Loose 1
Filoment Vest 3 Loose 1
Heiko 3 Loose  
Filoment Hoody 3 Loose 2
Katabatic 3    
Apogee 3    
Phantac 3    
Filo 4    

Updated: Jan 08, 2016

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