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Which sleeping bag is suitable for my Kilimanjaro trip?

We have had quite a few customers choosing our down sleeping bags for their trip to Kilimanjaro. They have taken the SkyeHigh 900 on both camping and hutted Kili routes. It is recommend taking a sleeping bag suitable for temperatures ranging between -10oC and -20oC. If you are camping up on the crater and you are unlucky enough to get a cold night you are going to be at the end of that scale so be ready to boost it with a down jacket by stuffing it inside the sleeping bag as a floating blanket. SH900 is also more comfortable at lower altitudes where you will spend more of your time and have a more practical bag at the end of the trip.

Read what our customers say, consult with your guide or check out our spotlight on Kilimanjaro.

Updated: May 18, 2007

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