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Which gas canisters are compatible with your stoves?

Our gas stoves are designed to be compatible with EN417 compliant gas canister manufacturers, however variation in tolerances do occur across both manufacturers and batches so you should always check your canister works before relying on it in the wilderness. When testing in house, we have not experienced any issues with any canisters, however our customers have reported that Coleman canisters may need a little extra tightening to the stove.

Brukit - 100 g and 230 g canisters should fit nicely inside the BruKit along with the stove for storage. Some canisters have a slightly more protruding lip at the base; this can make a 230 g canister stick when packing away into the BruKit pot.

Landar - 450 g Coleman canisters are not compatible due to the profile of the canister

Most gas canisters available on the market will be suitable for summer use with very similar performance. Once you get to temperatures below 10 C, it is important to check to composition of the gas as certain mixes will perform better in cold weather than others. Compositions comprising of isobutane and propane perform well in colder temperatures.

Updated: Jul 22, 2015

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