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Which mesh/ dry bag for my sleeping bag or down jacket?

Keeping your sleeping bag dry in your rucksack is essential on any trip. Our Airlok or Airlok XTra bags are ideal for this, but which size should you go for?

Assuming you are stuffing the sleeping bag directly in the dry bag we find that a 13 L Airlok is good for: PipeDream 400, PipeDream 600, Pipedream 800, SkyeHigh 400 and SkyeHigh 600. The 20 L Airlok Xtra is suitable for both the SkyeHigh 800 and 1000. You can squeeze the PD400 into an 8 L Airlok Xtra if you work hard.

When stuffing your sleeping bag in to the dry bag be gentle with the opening. This is the most fragile part of the bag, so avoid twisting it or putting undue stress on the internal plastic strip so it maintains a good seal when rolled.

If you intend to keep the sleeping bag in the provided compression bag rather than stuffing it straight in to the drybag you will have to choose a larger size due to the size of the opening - most fit easily into the 35 L dry bags


Which dry bag should you use for a Filo?

A Filo fits into the following dry bags which are available to purchase separately: Airlok - 8 L; Airlok XTra - 5 L.

If waterproofing is not an issue, it also fits in the following bags: Vortex - Small; Apollo - A4.

(we used a Women's Medium/ Size 12, with the hood attached)


Which dry bag for a Filoment?

A Filoment jacket will fit neatly in an Airlok 2 l or an Airlok 1 l with a little more effort.

Created: Feb 15, 2008

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