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Where is my order?

The vast majority of our parcels get delivered on time without a problem, however from time to time - usually when you are going away on a trip or need that Christmas present on the 24th things can get a bit stressfull.

Please check your order confirmation email. It will include an expected delivery date, and if it was sent on a tracked service it will also include a tracking number.

Unless it was sent on a guaranteed service the due date is an estimate and Royal Mail will consider an item as lost after:

48 hour post: 10 working days after the due date
Special Delivery Guaranteed: 5 working days after the due date
International (EU): 20 working days after the due date
International (World): 25 days after the due date

Delays in customs

Occasionally international orders can get held up by the border authorities. In this case we should receive a request from the courier for further paperwork and we may have to contact you again for further information.

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

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