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Top Tarp Tips Part 6 - Plough Point Shelter

A fast and light shelter using just 3 pegs, some cord, and your trekking pole. Plough Point is easy to set up, gives great ventilation and leaves you with bucket loads of headroom (especially when you’re using an extra-long CarbonLong pole).

Step 1: Tie Fredd cord to one of the corner tie down loops.

Step 2: Lie the tarp flat on the ground where you want it and peg out the other three corners.

Step 3: Raise the fourth corner using your pole, insert the pole tip into the rig point and tension by pegging out the Fredd cord that you tied on earlier. A longer pole (like the CarbonLong) gives you more headroom.



Pro Tip: Pitch away from the wind for the best protection from the elements.

Updated: Jun 01, 2018

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