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Top Tarp Tips Part 4 - Kayak Bivvy

Create quick attachments to paddles, walking poles or anything really! This simple idea allows you to utilise the Rig’s own stuff sack, a set of Apollo bags or any drawcord stuff sack you can find. No need for extra bits of cord and save time with less knots to tie.

Beach bivvy

Step 1. Place your stuff bag over the top of the paddle.

Step 2. Pull the drawcord tight around the paddle blade.

Step 3. Attach a clipper to the end of the drawcord and clip on to any of the Rigs attachment points.

Step 4. Peg out your paddle using Fredd and if you are on the beach or snow check out our earlier Top Tarp Tip - Buried Sand Bags.

Pro Tip. You can Larks foot the stuff bag’s drawcord around the webbing loops that cover the Rig eliminating the need for a Clipper.

Download these tips as a PDF

Updated: Aug 21, 2014

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