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Tetri Pitching Instructions

Thanks to a few simple yet considered features, such as colour-coded poles, tabs, and clips, putting up our Tetri geodesic tent is a breeze. Ben demonstrates how from the comfort of our Hathersage store.

Download the Tetri PDF instruction sheet

Got no headphones and you don't want to wake up your nan? No fear! Here are some written instructions that'll have your Tetri pitched in a jiffy!

  1. Ensure the ground is free from sharp objects and rocks that may damage your groundsheet.

  2. Lay out the flysheet on the ground and peg the back of the tent (preferably into the wind).

  3. Assemble poles and thread them into the colour coded sleeves, beginning with black. When inserting the red poles, make sure you thread them under the black poles.

  4. Raise poles, setting the ends into the eyelets on flysheet, black first, then red, and clip into the plastic poleclips; the tent should now stand up by itself. Peg out the rest of the tent, starting at the door and working your way around.

  5. To attach the inner, get in and clip the back corners to the side release buckles. Fasten the toggles on the inner to the loops on the outer, moving from back to front. Ensure that all side release buckles are clipped, this will give your tent more structure.

  6. For the porchprint, attach the bungee cords to the pegs that are already in place.

  7. Tension the tent by adjusting the buckles at the pegout points, peg and tension the guylines as required.

Happy camping!

Updated: May 23, 2017

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