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Qark V1 Instructions

Get started with your new Qark head torch. With motion and light sensors, this trusty little assistant will adapt to your surroundings before you can even say ‘Chocolate Digestive’ (which we just happen to say a lot in AKHQ)

Download the Qark PDF instruction sheet

Change the Batteries

The battery cannot be removed from the battery pack. To recharge, attach the Micro USB cable to the port on the side of the battery pack. The light unit will not function while charging is in process. Charging takes approximately 1.5 hours (DC5V 1000 mA input)

Instructions for Use

Main Mode:

Long press on the power button to switch on, click again shimmy through the lighting modes:

Luxeon LED High > Luxeon LED Medium > Luxeon LED Low > 3mm LEDs On > 3mm LEDs 2 Hz Flashing > Off

To turn Qark off press once after 10 seconds in any mode.

Automatic Sensor Mode:

Long press on the sensor mode button to switch on, click to shimmy through the sensor modes:

Motion Sensor (Red Indicator On) > Light Sensor (Blue Indicator On) > Off

When in Motion Sensor Mode, wave your hand in front of the Infra-Red Sensor to switch the Luxeon LED on and off. In this mode, the torch will run at high power.

When in Light Sensor Mode, the Luxeon LED will blink twice. The brightness level will be automatically adjusted according to the environment, as you pass into darkness the power will pass from the 3 mm LEDs to the main LUXEON LED.

To turn Qark off press the sensor mode button once after 10 seconds in any mode.

Rear Light:

Long press to switch on, click again to shimmy through the output modes:

High > 3 Hz Flashing > Pulse Flashing

To turn Qark off press power button once after 10 seconds in any mode.

  • Do not shine torch directly into your eyes 
  • Do not submerge. 
  • Do not disassemble or modify this product as it will invalidate your warranty 
  • Keep your TORCH clean to prevent dirt and dust from entering the electric elements 
  • Remove any moisture before storage 
  • Do not submerge 

Wipe down torch body with a damp cloth.


Ensure that the torch is completely dry. Store in a dry place.

Service and Repairs

If the head torch does not turn on, try plugging into the charger and checking if the charging light comes on. If the head torch still does not work when charged, or the charging light doesn’t come on, contact Alpkit for further advice.


Bulbs: 1 x Luxeon TX white LED

2 x 3 mm LEDs

  Brightness Beam Distance Burn Time Water Resistance
Luxeon LED High 300 lm 115 m 3 h IPX5
Luxeon LED Med 100 lm 65 m 10 h IPX5
Luxeon LED Low 10 lm 25 m  50 h IPX5
3 mm LED 15 lm 50 m 50 h IPX5
3mm 2Hx Flashing N/A N/A 120 h IPX5
Rear On     68 h IPX5
Rear 3Hz Flashing     68 h IPX5
Pulse Flashing     21 h IPX5

Battery is sealed and cannot be removed from the torch.

1 x 3.7 V 1200 mAh Li-polymer rechargeable (sealed)

Protected circuit

Updated: Nov 28, 2016

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