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In order to cut down on waste material it is our policy to put as much information as we can on our website . For this reason products are very rarely individually packaged, if at all. For the vast majority of our customers this is not a problem, but if you are buying pressies for someone else and expecting plush packaging think again. In essence, you get the product but you don't get packaging.

We try to ensure all the instructions you need are on the website and on the product page - but if you can't find anything or would like some more information, drop us an e-mail support@alpkit.com or give us a call - 01773 417 007

If you are ordering a present let us know if the notes field on your order and as long as we are not super busy we will try our best to make it look as nice as possible. During peak times such as Christmas this may not be possible - but you can always ask.......

Updated: Dec 16, 2010

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