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What is mulesing-free merino?

Mulesing is a method used by some sheep farmers to prevent them loosing sheep to flystrike. It's an economical way of preventing their sheep from being killed by infections caused by insects. Seems alright so far, but the process of mulesing is pretty grim in reality. Unfortunately the process of mulesing involves cutting away skin from around a sheep’s back end that would otherwise grow wool. When this wool gets clogged by a sheep’s "business" it attracts the insects that can cause flystrike. At Alpkit we don't much like the idea of mulesing. There are other, much nicer ways to keep sheep safe from these insects, such as regular shearing around the back. This is more expensive in the long run, but we think it's worth the little extra cost for a much happier sheep. You can rest assured that any merino product from Alpkit came from sheep that got a regular clean and trim instead of the cheeper alternative of mulesing.

Updated: Aug 05, 2015

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