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Merino Care Guide


Pilling happens when the shorter merino fibres find their way to the surface of the fabric. It’s a natural process. 

To prevent pilling, we recommend washing your merino before you wear it. If pilling does occur, pop them in the wash with a pair of jeans (make sure all zips are closed on your jeans).  

Pure merino is delicate, so make sure you follow these guidelines to prolong the life of your merino clothing. 


How to wash your merino 

  • Check any pockets, do up zips and turn inside out. 

  • Machine wash: Use a delicate cycle at 30˚C (maximum). Use a liquid detergent such as Ecover, Delicate, or Nikwax Woolwash. 

  • Hand wash: First, check your sink is clean. Soak your merino for 10 – 20 minutes in lukewarm water with a few drops of detergent, gently agitating from time to time, then rinse thoroughly in clean water. Never wring your merino. 

  • To dry: Preferably lay your merino out flat. Otherwise hang somewhere airy and out of direct sunlight (over a chair or banister). 

  • Never tumble dry your merino. 

  • NEVER tumble dry your merino. Ever. (Seriously, we mean it) 

  • Never use hot water – this will shrink the fibres and damage them beyond repair. 

  • Do not use soap powder: soap powder residue clings to the fibres and inhibits their ability to wick.  

  • Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners: they will interfere with the merino’s natural odour resistant and moisture wicking properties. 

  • Do not dry on a radiator, in front of a fire or in a tumble dryer. 


Rips and tears 

If you snag, tear, or get holes in your merino, it can be mended using silk sewing thread. 

Updated: Dec 08, 2015

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