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Manta headtorch instructions

Manta Headtorch

  • Pressing the Right (whilst on your head) button
  • XP-E Cree Main beam On > Holding the button down: Dim Function cycles from 100% >10% > Blink >100%  > Pressing once again: Flashing > Off

4 Dot Button

  • Coloured LED’s below the main beam Press the button once: Blue On > Green On > Red On > Off
  • Press for 3 seconds : Red flashing SOS On > Off

Focus Ring

  • 1x Standard Wide Beam
  • 4x Zoom Narrow Beam


  • 3xAAA. Open cover on rear of headlight by pressing catch between operational buttons
  • Batteries are inserted as per diagram inside battery case
  • Listen for click to signify cap is closed properly

Updated: Jan 09, 2014