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Keeping up with the exchange rate fluctuations

Everyone remembers the day when their favourite chocky bar went up in price or even worse… went up in price and got smaller.

Frequent visitors will have noticed that the prices of some of our products have nudged up over the past couple of weeks. We hate having to put prices up, so what gives?

The first thing to say is that our products haven't been stripped down and the specs haven't got any less awesome. Infact we are working hard to improve our specs - like the RDS Nikwax Hydrophobic down just introduced in our Cloud Cover quilt. Ever since way back when we have always gone for straightforward prices. No hidden extras. We have no time for the yo-yo prices of high street retailers, price high to discount later or creating artificial retail prices just to sell off late in the season. 

Our little bit of magic is to pass on the benefits of short supply chains with our factories, a pumped up, fast stock turn and an equally pumped up team working to get stuff online, picked, packed and despatched as quickly as possible. We have always been about being direct, the fewer steps between you and your product the better.
So back to the bad news. The weaker pound since June has put our costs up by more than 15%. We’ve held off putting up our prices for as long as we can but now, as we buy more stock, we need to put up them up now. We still think our products are great value when compared to like for like products on the high street and, as the effects of the exchange rate trickle through to other manufacturers we believe you will see that gap widen further.

We price all our products to cover our costs, make sure we’re sustainable for the long term, at the very minimum pay our staff the national living wage and continue to develop, innovate and offer excellent support. We are committed to developing honest, great value, thought through outdoor equipment for many years to come.

Created: Oct 11, 2016

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