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Kangri Tent Pitching Instructions

Download the Kangri PDF instruction sheet

Make sure camp area is free from sticks, stones and other items which could damage the groundsheet or cause discomfort.

Lay the inner tent out on the ground and peg it out.

Assemble all poles and thread them through the colour coded pole sleeves.

Insert one end of each pole into the eyelets at the pegout points then push the poles into the sleeves from the other end, gold poles first, then silver.

Clip the plastic pole clips on the inner canopy to the poles.

Place the tent outer over the top of the inner canopy.

Connect outer tent to peg out points using the buckles.

Peg out and tension the vestibules.

Tension the tent by adjusting the buckles at the peg out points.

Peg and tension the guylines as required.

Updated: Oct 21, 2011

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