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Jaran Tent Pitching Instructions

Download the Jaran PDF instruction sheet

So you’ve just got your lovely new tent and you’re ready to go on your next adventure. Read on to find out the best way to get your tent up in a jiffy!

  1. Ensure the ground is free from sharp objects and rocks that may damage your groundsheet. 

  2. The Jaran is an inner pitch first tent. Lay out the inner and peg out the corners to keep things in place while you get the tent sorted. If you’ve got a footprint put this down first with the inner tent over the top.

  3. Get your poles out, slot them all together, and lay them over the inner tent; the shorter pole should lie between the two doors. IMPORTANT BIT: make sure the plastic bobbles where the poles intersect are both facing down.

  4. Insert the ends of each pole into the sockets on the inner, one at each corner and above each door.

  5. Hook the inner poleclips onto the poles and attach the two circular plastic attachment points to the bobbles at the pole intersection points.

  6. Now it's time for the outer; the Jaran isn’t quite symmetrical so you need to get the outer the correct way round. Use the coloured tabs at each corner to match the inner and the fly - match blue with blue and black with black.

  7. Fasten the toggles to the sockets above each door, fasten the velcro tabs around the poles and hook the plastic corner tabs (remember the colours must match!). The tension of the flysheet can be adjusted by cinching the corner tensions straps and adjusting the pegs.

  8. Almost there! Now all you need to do is ensure that your tent is exactly where you want it and peg it out properly. Add some guy-lines for extra security (especially if it’s windy) and make sure the outer tent is pulled tight across the frame and around the bottom.

  9. Open up your tent, unpack your kit, lay our your sleeping bags to get all lofty and warm, stash your bags in the porch and then you’re ready to settle down for the night. 

When you’ve woken up, rested and ready for another day outdoors, take the tent down and stuff it into the bag. The tent boffins now advise not folding your tents as this makes creases in the same place on each packing, weakening the fabric. Ram it in there, it’s a tent not a school shirt!

Updated: Aug 20, 2015

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