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I’ve received the wrong item, what do I do?

Panic!!! No not really, it's quite simple! 

John and the picking team are generally the height of efficiency, but occasionally we all make mistakes. 

If your Alpkit parcel does contain the wrong items, firstly we're sorry about the mix up - how embarrassing! 

Option 1: If you would like to keep your incorrect item, please drop us a line and we can make sure our records are right for your Alpine Bond warranty and make any necessary price adjustments.


Option 2: If you'd just like what you ordered and no unintentional surprises, please send your mispick back to us using our free returns service and we will send out your correct item as soon as possible!

OR finally...

Option 3: If this whole ordeal has left you feeling bothered and in need of a lie down, you can send your incorrect item back to us (using that free returns service we mentioned earlier) and we'll refund the lot

Click here to find out how to use our free returns service

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

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